Friday Fictioneers – A home at last

Credit: Sandra-crook

A Home, At Last

They had devised the floor plan to take advantage of the sweeping views out front. Crumbling the old castle may be, but it caught the eye tantalizingly, when seen through the two picture windows placed either side of the chimney.  Oddly, the fireplace, so necessary in the cold climate, had also been placed on the house’s front wall. It too could be the focal point when it was too dark or foggy to see outside.

With the fire lit, the house resembled an elderly gentleman smoking his pipe.

A cosy home, at last.

93 words

Written for Friday Fictioneers –

It is great practice for making every word count!

23 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – A home at last”

      1. Thanks E.W. – that is a very encouraging comment! I usually find it extremely difficult to stick to 100 words and part of participating in this challenge is to make my writing more concise. Perhaps it is working?


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