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Only in Australia – Mini Schnauzer Dog versus Curlew Bird

Location: Shopping centre car park

Protagonist: A Mother Curlew

Supporting cast: Miniature Schnauzer Dog and Owners

Action: Curlew repeatedly confronts the Mini Schnauzer, screaming and batting its fully-spread wings. The Dog owners think this is mildly amusing. The Schnauzer is one minute brave, the next hesitant. The Bird follows the Schnauzer in a threatening manner, for around 3 minutes, before someone approaches:

Enter a uniformed bus driver heading home after finishing work:

Leave the bird alone!”

“We are not touching the bird.”

Step away from the Bird.”

“Listen, the Bird was the one attacking our dog.”

Step away from the Bird!

“We are not touching the bird.”

“I said leave the bird ALONE.”

Both creatures survived the encounter.

Curlew Conversation

“They have nasty claws.”

Are you speaking from experience?

“Yes, we used to put on hard hats to move around our workplace and run like hell, so the Curlews wouldn’t get us. They really hurt. They had a nest in our work compound that we had to pass to get anywhere.”

It was just them just being super-protective, which is understandable. It was unfortunate that they decided to put their nest in the middle of our workplace.”

I think Plovers are a bit the same?

But they screech…not mourn like the Curlews.”

“Given that they were just protecting their nest I understand their behaviour.”

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30 thoughts on “Only in Australia – Mini Schnauzer Dog versus Curlew Bird”

    1. Yes, Alfred Hitchcock could make something of that, coming so soon after Halloween. The sound the birds emit make it worse. When they aren’t nesting, they are shy quiet birds.


  1. You seem to attract bossy people who misread your situation, Amanda !! [grin]
    I don’t know the curlews, but I do the plovers; and boy, are they LOUD ?!


    1. I must have a sign up encouraging loonies, M-R, or else choose to write about the bossy people as they make good fodder for stories 😉. I have a few more of these stories. Perhaps I need to work more on my effective communication skills!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Fortunately we don’t have curlews or plovers in our walking territory, just magpies that know us and leave us alone and a few mynahs that are figuring out we mean no harm.


    1. Good on you for ‘rooting’ for the doggie! But I do also ‘root” – a word we don’t use here, for the Curlew and it’s resilient adaptation to managing a nest of babies in a public shopping centre. It is there year in, year out hassling shoppers but surviving! It is probably happy now as the shopping mall was flooded in the deluge and is now condemned. The Curlew’s can nest in peace for this year.

      Liked by 1 person

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