When Grief Comes Knocking

The following words are not mine, but a poem by Donna Ashworth. Grief and loss can be a gut-wrenching emotion that sneaks up on a person, catching you unawares. I am reproducing Donna Ashworth’s perceptive words, in the event that they might render support/distraction/emotional reassurances to those who are suffering loss and grief.

For Ukrainian and any global refugee, for victims of conflict, violence, tragedy, family or relationship breakdowns, for those with dear ones who are missing, whereabouts unknown, and for those who are forced to deal with love in a different way than they have done before.

mackerel sky clouds at night.
When I’m no longer here, 
say my name to call me near.

I will calm your disarray, 
move the mountains from your way.

I will dry your falling tears, 
whisper comfort in your ear.

When I’m no longer here, 
say my name to call me near.

When I am just a glowing star, 
do not think of me as far.
I am with your inner child, 
hoping you’ll embrace your wild.

Seeking joy in every day, 
finding jewels of light in grey.

When I’m no longer here, 
let me rid your heart of fear,
Put it down upon the floor, 
I’ll take it from your door.

Give me then your worry too, 
let me carry it for you.

By Donna Ashworth


28 thoughts on “When Grief Comes Knocking”

  1. It has been a quiet, contemplative week for me also as a guy, husband of a close gf, was taken across the boatman a week back . . . we went to primary school together for three years . . .how much one remembers! BUT . . . it has taken me awhile to make peace and learn to love the ‘Day of the Dead’ as celebrated both in Mexico where I have American friends and Central America . . . there people get over their grief and losses by huge parties in cemeteries and homes . . . the graves get covered with flowers, much food and drink is shared and there is song and dance everywhere . . . you feel the togetherness with those who have departed . . . oh, it is very real and it surely seems to help those left behind . . . over the last few years my mind has also taken me to past memories and happiness’s . . . and create new ‘connections’ even if imaginary . . .

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