Serious Blogging and Keywords

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Good SEO – What does that even mean?

For the I.T. novice it is one of those nebulous ideas that somehow relate to the number of people who see and read your blog.

Serious business bloggers most likely take SEO very seriously. I don’t, but I was curious about what might improve it.

Information is always good, so I decided in my sticky-beak curious-kinda way to conduct a bit of an experiment.

Here is what I found:

How to Use a Keyword Analyzer in Blog-post Titles?

I found there is such a thing as a title and headline analyzer that can be used to help bloggers construct and check potential blog titles.

The Title: Serious Blogging rates a score of 37 and the analyzer recommends that I limit my positive and passive language advising:

Bad news sells! Conveying positive emotions can build positive associations with your brand, but can just as easily disinterest the reader.

By adding more alert words or adding ‘tips,’ in the title rates better.

Eg: “Tips for the Serious Blogger” – rates 67, but the analyzer points out there is no brand mentioned.

Mentioning my brand increases the rating result. However, my blog title isn’t a recognized brand/business, so its rather pointless to add my brand. Nevertheless, doing so did raise the score to 68 – the highest score, so far.

While working on the titles, I also discovered that adding the word “perfect” increased the score. I added this to the base keywords.

Something to Ponder About Top Ten Perfect Tips for the Serious Blogger = 70

Really? 70?

Isn’t that title ridiculously verbose?


Like I’ve swallowed the keyword analyzer?

I decided that was enough playing.

Try it out for yourself:

Here is a summary of findings from my experiment and suggestions from others:

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General Suggestions for Improving Headlines and Titles

  • Increase headline length
  • Mention the brand?
  • Use Alert Words
  • Try adding a celebrity – N.B. – I would NEVER do this deliberately….
  • Look for questions people are asking, on the topic, on Quora. It’s a site for determining the common questions people ask that you can use as inspiration for writing blog posts.
  • Run through your notifications on the socials. Another source of ideas – I rarely do this though.
  • Read other blogs. Check blogs in your topic area – this is a useful approach. Reading other bloggers posts can be incredibly inspiring and you can both benefit from pingbacks.

How to Write A Blog Post for SEO

  • Write a list of headings and then fill in the gaps


  • follow a linear chronological timeline

Most of the time my humble musings just flow from the keyboard, but if the post is a pure ‘how to,’ and strong theoretical post, Ill start with paragraph/idea headings that are of interest and then fill in the gaps.

Some recommendations use the list of associated keywords as a stimulus for each part of your text. This can work well.

And you can always re-order the text afterwards to get a better flow.

This can be a good way to find inspiration for fiction and poetry if you are stuck and nothing riveting comes to mind.

Headings, Tags, Sharing and SEO

Add H2 and H3 text tags.

You can do this in your post editor. Choose H2 for your subtitle and H3 for your paragraph headings. It is better to use H2 and H3 – it just looks better, visually, i.m.o.

You can also make a heading larger by increasing the font size.

When using images, it is recommended to add Alternative text and Image Title Attributes to enhance the work of Google spiders that crawl the internet compiling image searches.

Adding a link which opens the image in a new tab is a further option for SEO, apparently.


Frankly, I think it’s pointless unless you want to look at a nice picture in a larger format.

Linking a site to an image could have some benefit, I guess.

Some sites suggest the Link Rel field is where you can add no follow. This is useful if your image directs you to an affiliate link.

Dw – there ain’t no affiliate links here at StPA.

A good habit, especially if you are new to blogging, is to add supporting external informative links to your blog post. This enhances your credibility and gives a reader added value. It may help build trust in your blogging.

Something I don’t do very much, but should, is adding internal links to earlier posts.

This is a good SEO practice to use because it will help you keep readers on your blog for much longer. I assume if you don’t have affiliate links, keeping readers on your blog for longer will help you rate higher on Google searches. Please correct me if that is wrong.

And remember to reverse link:  after publishing your new post, add some links to it from your existing articles.

Tips on creating a Successful Blog and increasing traffic via the WordPress reader

Using Tags in Blog posts

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Sharing Posts Across Social Media for Increased Exposure

If it is your thing to ramp up readership or exposure, social media sharing will help your article rank, so squeeze traction by using social media for your benefit. Share your post everywhere. Some bloggers have more success by sharing several times a day, but this can piss off your fan base, (if you have one). 

N.B. StPA doesn’t have a fan base, it has readers.

A short info post that is published at different time zones to attract international interest is the best approach, I think. It gains exposure, readership and thus, SEO. After you have shared the post, wait a few days, and share it again.

In fact, it is suggested that you should never stop sharing your articles.

Lastly, to give you a chuckle, here is a satirical angle to becoming fixated with the importance of being a blogger.

Do you need Blogging Rehab?

P.S. As I previewed this post, I noticed way more ads than I have noticed before. Almost an ad every second paragraph. This is a free blog and I guess WordPress pays by sourcing ad revenue, but three ads is a bit rich.

I see them, but do you? Please let me know in the comments.

101 thoughts on “Serious Blogging and Keywords”

  1. I used to try to grow my audience, now I just blog for my own sake – a place to keep photos that will ensure they don’t get deleted when I do one of my photo culls, or a place to just diarise events in my life. I used be frustrated that my audience was so small (less than 200 followers), but now I don’t think I could be bothered with more than that anyway.
    Good tips though for someone who is looking to grow their audience though Amanda.

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    1. Your blog gets a reasonable amount of comments, Chris regardless of how many or how few followers you have. If you went through my list of followers, you would find a core group of maybe 60 or less people who respond via comments and decreasing rapidly as I publish fewer posts. I don’t know how many or how few of the people who ‘follow’ me actually do read my blog. And remember, my blog commenced 11 years ago. The vast majority of those are not blogging on wordpress any longer, so the follower count is irrelevant. What matters is what you want your blog to be, how it works for you, and the commentary that others interested in your blog make. SEO, tagging, and sharing does introduce and make connections to other new followers – that is the only advantage. I do like the comments and the feeling of community on WordPress, so this post was really just a fun exercise. I don’t that anyone in business who was serious about SEO would take tips from little ‘ol me.

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  2. There are ads on the sides as well. Pandora ones. I don’t get them on my site, I probably not popular enough for people to notice. Three is a big taking liberties, four if you count the side ads too
    Four from marketing company, one from Temu and the two Pandora ads

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        1. That would be interesting to do an ad count on other blogs, Brian. I have toyed with the idea of purchasing a plan for my blog for about 8 years. However, when chatting with a few other bloggers they reminded me that WordPress is getting revenue from the ads that they place on the free blogs, so I let it go. But if they continue – I may have to reassess. This level of intrusiveness into the reading experience would piss off the most dedicated follower.

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            1. I am using my blog much less now so I will have to have a think about whether it is justified as I have concerns about what happens when you stop or cannot any longer pay the fee? Does the blog disappear?

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            2. That’s a good point. No idea. They must do a sweep every now and then and find blogs that have been inactive for a long time. Then they can send an email and ask if the blogger is dead, just a questionnaire would do
              Please tick YES or NO if you are dead

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            3. Haha. The response rate would be interesting to read. I remember having this discussion with English blogger, Wibble, but my short term memory fails me about what we discovered. I think he asked wordpress and they weren’t sure. I will try to find the discussion.
              You can find it here but basically, the free domains such as are immortal but paid domains disappear and if I understand correctly die, as a website I created did. But you can still find it on I think….
              Just to clarify Wibble or Colin found this: “Perhaps the biggest problem is that inbound links to a site, where the domain name is no longer available, will all fail, effectively severing the site from the web, casting it adrift. So, even if the content is still there… what’s the point, if it can’t be found? In some cases, it might be possible to insert ‘.wordpress’ into the domain name to access the site – but, of course, not every site is on

              The World Wide Web has a serious design flaw, one that ensures that link rot is endemic. The domain name system (DNS) requires that domains be maintained; a fee must be regularly paid to keep the name in operation.

              In effect, it ignores the inevitability of death.”
              So maybe I will persist with the darn ads for a while longer….

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          1. Hi, Amanda! Glad to see that you found my post on the topic of blog longevity (you linked it in a comment below, though the thread depth prevents me commenting down there†).

            On the subject of ads in blog posts, three things:

            I detest advertising with a passion (for reasons which I won’t go into here, as it would be an extensive rant!)
            I see no ads in your post here. But that’s almost certainly because I’m using Firefox with two add-ons: ‘Adblocker Ultimate’ and ‘DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials’. These block almost all adverts on every site I visit (the exception is those hard-coded into pages). [As a test, I visited this page using Go ogle Chrome (with no add-ons) and was subjected to three intrusive adverts.]
            There are, to my way of thinking, two excellent reasons for paying the fee for a ‘personal plan’ on WordPress:
            a) I consider it a courtesy to my readers to ensure that they’re not subjected to adverts on my blog, and
            b) WP has its flaws, but it is a pretty good system, and TANSTAAFL – WP wouldn’t last long if it didn’t generate any revenue.

            [Note: although a personal plan comes with a custom domain name that’s ‘free for the first year’*, you don’t have to set your blog to use that domain. WP does switch the blog’s primary domain to the custom domain by default when you sign up for a ‘personal plan’ (because they, quite naturally, want to encourage you to pay them more munny every year), but it’s simple enough‡ to switch it back again; and you can just let the custom domain name lapse after the first year with no harm done – if you’ve switched your site back to the free domain name.]

            † … a matter that I brought up with WordPress years ago; I suggested a solution, but failed to get any acknowledgement from them that it was a problem.

            ‡ See ”Use a Free Site Address’ at Set a Primary Address.

            “The first hit’s free, folks!”

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            1. I rescued this comment too! I will think about paying for a domain and then swapping it back to WordPress to save people from the burden of the now heavily advertised site, but as I work as a writer now, I have much less time and slightly less interest in blogging. I am not giving up but I won’t be blogging anywhere near as frequently. When you spend more than 8 hours writing stories, there’s nothing left in the tank for the blog. So bearing that in mind, I am doubtful it is worth paying for a plan/domain. Given that WordPress or Auttomatic is a billion dollar company, I no longer feel that I have to contribute to their coffers more than the ad revenue they get from views on my blog. It kinda pays my way, I feel. I might change my opinion later on, if I use the blog more frequently again. But I do so appreciate your input. It was indeed clarifying and very good to know.

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          2. Grr… spent ages composing a long comment, and it vanished into the void – not even a ‘your comment is in moderation’, which I think means Akismet considers it ‘spam’. Please check your spam comments, Amanda 🙂

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      1. I agree! When I started blogging a friend told me about this. But I’m happy to write what I want, the way I want. It’s not like we are earning a lot of money from our blogs.

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          1. I used to have word-ads which were from WordPress and did pay in cents. But when I moved back to Pakistan, I didn’t have a PayPal account here so I had to discontinue those ads. But in all the time I had those ads I got $34. 😂😂😂

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            1. Heh. Reminds me of the massive royalties† I’ve had over the years from self-publishing my book on Kindle.

              † Twelve quid and some odd pennies, total 🙄

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  3. I noticed 4 advt in reader when I clicked your post.
    Strangely I did not see advt, when I opened the URL of your post.
    Strange are the ways advt pop up!
    An interesting post about keywords and SEO. Thank you Amanda.
    SEO is helpful if the blog is regarding some business promotion etc.
    Or for those who would like to get donations.
    For personal bloggers like me SEO serves no purpose since I am content with my posts.
    ‘Likes, carry zero value and ‘comments’ make some sense in blogosphere.
    Again ‘number of followers’ has nil meaning and zero value.
    This is my personal view.
    How are things from your side Amanda?
    Seeing you after a long gap.

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    1. Some bloggers do chase donations, as you mentioned, PtP. SEO would be helpful for them and for business blogs. Business would no doubt seek professional help, more than what I could provide here. I think personal blogs do not need SEO so this was just a fun experiment. The ridiculous suggestions for lengthy titles and repetitive keywords are a bit O.T.T for personal blogs.
      I am glad that you think similarly to me – likes and follows are not the real purpose here. Mind you, I hope that there are a couple of readers out there, otherwise the blog is merely a private diary. Comments are a way to build community which has been a surprising bonus for me in blog land. Bloggers are wise people and I learn so much from participating. I hope bloggers learn a teeny bit from me on occasions too.
      I have been out of action for a while due to personal family circumstances. I am sure you have also found that blogging is self-sustaining. The more time you spend away from it, the more its importance wanes. If you post regularly, it is more satisfying. I hope I don’t give away blogging, but if they continue to plague my posts with ads, I will have to re-consider what I do. I have another blog Home by the Sea and perhaps that blog, which has less followers and less traffic might avoid the ads for a while longer. Weird that the ads only show up when you clicked on my post and not on the url. Thanks for letting me know.

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      1. Nice to know your plans regarding, how best to maintain your free blog.
        Personally, I think one should continue maintaining the personal blog as long as one is able to manage the storage space. (I think the storage space allowed for a free blog is 3 GB).
        Personally, I never felt uncomfortable with these adverts and I just ignore them.
        It’s the same case while watching YouTube clips.
        We must also understand that anything that is ‘free’ comes with a ‘cost’. this is the truth.
        All can’t be like me.
        Some get annoyed with advt, and it’s OK.
        Just because a few get annoyed with advt, I don’t see any justification, to go for a paid version. (unless one is into serious photography with a business-oriented mindset- just an example).
        Interaction in the form of comments with a small group of people who tend to support without any motives is more than enough to get that satisfaction in this meaningless crowd of the blogosphere.
        Hoping and praying for the betterment of your family circumstances.
        Take care, Amanda.
        Namaste 🙏

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        1. You are kind, PtP and things are definitely improving. I also had a health scare which appears to be resolving well.
          I agree re the ads. The benefits of recieving blogging comments and community are enough to disregard ads, which appear to be an increasing presence in the on screen world.

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        2. Correction: a new free WP plan currently allows just 1GB of media (I believe, though I may, as always, be wrong, that it used to be 3GB). But 1GB is usually more than adequate if you optimise your images.

          My main blog (‘Wibble’) is on a personal plan that, bizarrely, has ‘just’ 3GB of media allocation even though the current offering is 6GB (I guess there’s some ‘grandfathering’ of features for older plans?)… yet I’m only using 2% of that (~56MB)… because I’ve always optimised my images.

          We must also understand that anything that is ‘free’ comes with a ‘cost’. this is the truth.

          Indeed. TANSTAAFL, my friend! 🙏

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          1. I wasn’t aware of the change in media allowance, Colin. Must be another way to snavel money out of bloggers. Yet the blogger world is declining so you would think that they would not want to dissuade customers. Since I optimed my images my storage has barely moved. However, it went to 75% very quickly in the years prior.

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          2. Thank you, Colin/Collin for this update.
            Apologies for my poor English knowledge about spelling in the names. Though I am influenced by British English, strangely American English comes in between and confuses me.

            So WP has reduced the storage space from earlier 3 GB to 1 GB now for the free plan!

            Did you check with our friendly neighbourhood ‘happy engineers’ as to why the 6GB quota is just showing as 3GB?

            Agree about TANSTAAFL.
            How easy to fool people with free offers!!
            They jump to conclusion that the sellers are genuine, caring and most importantly philanthropists descended directly from Heaven!!
            Cheating is possible on two occasions without revealing the intentions.
            1. In the name of free offers.
            2. In the name of God

            Have a great weekend!
            Hope you are having a wonderful time with your Windows 10.

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            1. Agree.
              Optimization saves space.
              My clicks submitted are maximum 40 kb each on average.
              It’s ok if the resolution is not of high calibre.
              We are not into photography competition.
              Is it not so Amanda?
              And you are so wise from the beginning itself.


            2. I wasn’t wise at the beginning – only once I hit 75% capacity ….. and you are right, I am not into photography competitions. However, what really motivated me was that images were stolen from my blog and used in videos by people – without my permission. I never posted high res photos after that.

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            3. It’s a sad state of affairs courtesy internet.
              I call it a ‘curse’ of scientific advancement.
              Stealing and plagiarism is rampant and there is no basic courtesy of taking permission from the original authors.
              We learn from our mistakes.
              This is a good thing.
              Thank you Amanda.


    1. I get that adding keywords gets in the flow of writing, Kevin and I do agree. The post loses it conversational tone and sounds like you are ramming some idea or concept down someone’s throat. It is counter-intuitive to a good read. I won’t be using that strategy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmm… not necessarily. Keywords are just words like any others. Picking the right words is always a matter of choice, and it’s entirely possible to select more useful ones without disturbing the flow. IMO.


  4. Oh yes you have lots of ads on this post. The only way I know of to get rid of them is to pay WP money. My blog is a business one, so no ads. As for using SEO to write post or titles, I tried that for a while and felt stifled. If you’re writing a personal blog I think it’s better to follow your own muse.

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    1. Slightly disturbing to read that there are lots of ads on this post. But inevitably, the WP gurus would have to slow down our free use of the platform and derive some monetary purpose for it. I would think that one or two ads would be okay, but more than that is well and truly stretching the friendship. So you account is a business one attracting a fee yet its a personal blog. What happens to your blog if you stop paying the business account? Does it or access to it disappear or does your personal blog revert to a free blog? Or does it even matter?

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      1. If I stopped paying for the account to be a business one, the blog reverts to a free one with ads. I’d have to change my template to a free one because the template I use now is only available as a paid one. Other than that I don’t know how else the account would change.

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  5. Great advice. I try to pay attention to SEO keywords etc, but I’m not very strict with it. I tried your headline app, it seems that the more words you add rather than what they are gives a better rating. I usually search the topic and see what others blogs have. Maggie

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    1. Searching other blogs for suggested topics is a wise tactic for gathering new bloggers into our “fold,” Maggie. I think some of the SEO suggestions are just silly and not at all relevant for personal blogs. As another blogger commented, there is no brownie points for posting clever, witty titles that would normally attract a reader’s attention in the newspaper. I guess if we do want to be creative in our blog titles, we have to use tags correctly and accurately?

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    2. I, too, think this is great advice! It actually got me going in two directions: first I did some searches on my content and realized that it does not show up in searches, so clearly I have a long way to go. And second, it got me thinking, should I be revising the purpose of my blog?

      So thank you for two very good directions to explore!

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      1. As many have said, for personal blogs, this kind of stuff is largely irrelevant. However, if we intend on our message getting “out there” it can be useful. I have on occasions googled my blog to see where it comes on google searches. For my particular type of painting, I used to be on the first page of google. Not anymore of course. Interestingly, the posts about this kind of painting (called Norwegian rosemaling) are the most popular views on my blog of all time except for one humorous post about Aussie workmate names and a baby hack, a post I added for fun- which for some weird reason is extremely popular.


  6. On my blog where I post tutorials for using open source software and creative photo editing I pay a little attention to SEO. I use a common plugin that coaches me, Yoast SEO.
    To my mind it discourage creative writing, it wants you to write very repetitively. I am older and was taught to write to help different people understand your points use different ways of expressing the same idea. The SEO engines want you to have a key phrase and beat it to death. The other thing I find annoying is that I like to title things creatively and that never gives me good marks. An example: Raindrops on Rhodies not the key phrase “pink rhododendrons with raindrops”.
    On my personal blog I don’t bother about SEO. It’s random and I’m not trying to reach anybody in particular.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You summarized this topic, well, Xingfu and thank you for mentioning a useful site – Yoast.
      For personal blogs, SEO does seems irrelevant and also frustrating. I agree and can empathize with the annoyance that you alluded to. That of not being recognized for creative titles for blog posts. Headlines that would normally catch the attention of a reader do not figure at all. Writing a lengthy blog post title is almost a turn-off for me, as is repeating keywords throughout the post or page. Business could be, or see things, differently. A website page that is repetitive reminds me of one of those hard-sell door to door salesmen that won’t ever leave. They are not listening. I would click away.

      Liked by 3 people

        1. I can’t answer the question: my other blog is not on, it is on Blue Host, I use WordPress (.org), which is free, to manage and style the site. I think the .com business level plan is more expensive than that option, although I haven’t done a price check lately. is way more user friendly.

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          1. It seems that WordPress is the better option out there although some older bloggers hate the Gutenberg editor. I swapped over early so I love the blocks. Can I ask is the format of your blog different on Blue Host and or is it the same as it would appear on

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  7. I don’t see any ads on this post, which I accessed from my email. I used to see ads on my blog, but don’t anymore in the daily run of things, but if I check the blog from my phone, they’re there!
    As for SEO, I think this is good information for people seeking to build their ‘brand,’ but I’m just posting photos to share. I’d be terrible at keeping up with more traffic. However, it does make me want to put together a post that nails all the keywords, including celebrity name, and then post a photo of a small innocuous bug!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, Graham. What an excellent trick – a small bug named Katy Kardashian (I don’t even know the Kardashian’s first name), or Prince Harry or Marilyn Monroe ( showing my age ). That is a fun use of SEO. Please do it and ping me in case I miss it.
      P.S. The ads are present on my PC desktop on the blog post preview and the view post version… sadly…

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      1. Well, I don’t have anything lined up, but I’ll give it a go if I get a bit of inspiration. I find what I see or don’t see in the way of things on WP varies quite a bit. I rarely see ads, but then there are a few blogs where I’ve never seen the option to like a post. Go figure.

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        1. Those blogs must have disabled the like button. I used to have that functionality, although I never used it. But that appears to have disappeared now in an update. I don’t always “like” the post now – but I do like to comment.

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  8. I view SEO hawkers in the same way as double-glazing salesmen of old. They’re too often full of BS.

    A couple of observations on this post and the thread, Amanda:

    The focus on headlines is, I believe, a mistake. Search engines index the contents of every page. Granted, they do tend to give greater weight to words in titles and headings, but every word counts to some degree. Headlines do ‘grab eyeballs’, but what is the point of having a visitor who clicks on a headline link and then doesn’t read the content… because the headline is a bait-and-switch?
    Headline analyzers disagree on what they consider ‘best’. I tried a few some months ago… you (and your readers) may be interested in my conclusions.

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  9. Jetpack always prompts me to check my SEO score when I draft a post. Sometimes I find it interesting to look at it and see if it can be improved (having both internal and external links usually helps) but I don’t go out of my way to do a lot with it. I’m not really blogging to ‘sell’ anything so it’s not a major concern for me. But if I had a commercial site I would probably try much harder!

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    1. Interesting that Jetpack sounds geared to the business blogs, Sarah. I guess that makes sense. So given that you have a paid plan, are you concerned that your blog may disappear when you discontinue payments? Or have you a strategy for that?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No strategy other than to keep paying! I assume that when I lose interest and want to stop paying I won’t mind too much if it disappears. But I believe there are ways to migrate to a WP hosted site if wanted – I could investigate those perhaps.

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  10. Wow. So many things I do NOT do. 😆 Nor would I, so it’s good I am not selling my brand. 😇 (And sad but unsurprising that “bad news” sells so much better than feel good stories. 🥺) Very interesting post.

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  11. I didn’t see the ads or didn’t notice them!
    I used to do stuff like this but as one commenter mentioned can’t be bothered and now just enjoy blogging for me and happy to engage with the people who do comment. Too many followers is hard work 😁
    Interesting reading though

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    1. Keeping up with a large number of followers and blog comments does consume large amounts of time, Alison. And this is a hobby, not a business. I like to keep it pleasurable which is one reason why I don’t often join in with challenges or complete them regularly anymore.
      I am glad you didn’t see or notice the ads. I do worry that they are annoying readers.

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  12. I have been writing blogs since 2years but wasn’t aware of seo exactly and how it works… Still figuring it out… Thank u💗💗


  13. I have been blogging since 2years now with low followers and views, I believe I do write decent post but never worked seo… Still fighting it out.. Please give more suggestions on the same.. Thanks ❤


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