Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge: Black and White (Architecture)

As it happens, Sally at Lens and Pens also picked an architectural subject for this week's phoneography Black and White theme. And with a lot of contrast, architecture is often the perfect subject in monochrome. This group of buildings spans three decades, eighties, nineties and noughties with a brighter foreground of more recent years. Modern… Continue reading Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge: Black and White (Architecture)

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Back in Bakklandet – Norway

With every tourist arriving in Trondheim, (Western Norway), heading for the medieval Nidaros Cathedral and the mandatory picture in front of the "Gamle Bybro" ( the Old Town Bridge, built in the late 19th century) shown below, with its iconic carved woodwork, you could be forgiven for asking why you would seek out the back streets of Trondheim.The locals know but do you......

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It’s Travel Tuesday – Rosekyrkja, Stordal Norway

Before technology arrived, the Norwegians spent long winters in darkness, so in order to brighten up the interior of the homes and places of worship, they developed a form of traditional painting that was completely unique. "Rosemaling artists" or Rose painters earned their living traveling through the western fjords of Norway, often times painting in the styles that might have passed out of fashion 100 years hence, in other areas of Europe. (Such was the isolation of some of the valleys in Norway). But this isolation is also the reason we still have them to view today.

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Anzac Day in Australia

 Anzac day is a celebration of the commitment and sacrifice of the young men and women who served in battles, under the Australian and New Zealand flag, in years past.  As it is a declared public holiday, most of us spend our time making Anzac biscuits, throwing 'snags' on the 'Barbie,' or even attending a… Continue reading Anzac Day in Australia

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Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 9 – Double exposures

Week 9  of this challenge from Weliveinaflat and Firebonnet Picture 1 A beautiful old sandstone building that was once the site of a state Parliament of Australia, an Art Gallery, a Government Department, and now an exclusive hotel. Picture 2   I tried with various photo apps, to no avail, and then suddenly  I had… Continue reading Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 9 – Double exposures

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A Lingering Look at Windows -Week 17

The windows to our world for Week 17, from  The Day After, are some amazing stained glass windows. I was to stick with this theme, as I had a few photos of stained glass, in my photo library, but have decided to save them for another time. A window into the world of the Hong… Continue reading A Lingering Look at Windows -Week 17