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Color Your World – Extending my Palette

Everyone perceives colour differently and it is a challenge to artists to seek and find the correct combination of colours. Help is here! Continue reading

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Monday Mystery Photo – last time India

Can you guess the location of the mystery photograph. Test your trivia knowledge each week on Monday Mystery Photograph Continue reading

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WP Photograpy Challenge Monochrome Art Project

Wedgwood and Sons, produce Wedgwood, fine china, porcelain, and luxury accessories. The company was founded on 1 May 1759, by Josiah Wedgwood. It is not my favourite thing but I do admire the artistry in its production. I used wedgwood … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Traffic Lights – Traditional Art – July

What is better than a boring grey steel box? A bright colourful one, of course! It might be a little distracting to drivers, but when sitting waiting for the traffic lights to change at an intersection, it chases away the boredom. Continue reading

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Traditional Art – Painted Easter Eggs

Everyone loves chocolate eggs at Easter time, but for some cultures, eggs are much more significant and have turned into a traditional art form. This month, in Traditional Art from around the world, I showcase some examples of Painted Easter Eggs. Continue reading

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