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Hollow Online Experiences

When the internet came along, it was suggested that everything would be done online, from shopping to employment and communications. Individuals would not need to leave home to live their consumer lives. The public however, has shown that we are primarily social creatures and are reluctant to embrace a completely virtual lifestyle. Whilst online shopping… Continue reading Hollow Online Experiences

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Friendly Friday Photography Challenge

Can you find something in your photographic archives to share in a post? Every second Friday, I host the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge with a different theme to challenge you. Do you spot something around you that fits the weekly theme? Our imagination is your only limitation. Weekly Friendly Friday Theme The Friendly Friday Community… Continue reading Friendly Friday Photography Challenge

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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

F F Photo Challenge Prompt This week's prompt for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is: Nightime Rely on your archives, take a snap from your window, however you wish to join in with the challenge, is just fine with me. Mostly my night photography harkens from Japan, a country that is well lit at… Continue reading Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

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Sunday Sayings – Focus in Isolation

From The Treasury of Proverbs and Epigrams, kindly given to me by LeggyPeggy comes these wisdoms: It may be hard to work, but it must be harder to want.Employment is natures' physician.The confidence of ability is ability. and finally, Learn the luxury of doing good. Counteracting the Negative Feeling pessimistic about the future of the… Continue reading Sunday Sayings – Focus in Isolation

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Things to be grateful if you think you can’t find anything

A Roof over your head to keep you dry when it rains A Good book or storySunsetsA TV to entertain you or the internetA pretty Picture to lose yourself in Loved ones - even if you don't always feel that you love them/they love youFriendship and then there is: A nice painting jewelry or trinketDelicious… Continue reading Things to be grateful if you think you can’t find anything


Too Much Screen Time?

I stumbled upon the Page info on my dashboard this morning. Under Privacy and History, it tells you amongst other things - how many times you hvae visited the dashboard page of WordPress. Note - this computer was re-installed/upgraded about six months ago, so this is just a spit in the ocean of how many… Continue reading Too Much Screen Time?