Haunted Houses and Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, the topic of whether spirits are real or imagined is often the subject of conversations, particularly among younger people. This church has been there for 900 years but no one knows why this image was painted there Children are noted for seeing apparitions, perhaps because of their fertile imagination, … Continue reading Haunted Houses and Halloween

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Photo Edits

Have you ever been a bit unhappy with how a photo turned out? Something a bit askew or colours washed out, or the subject didn't have the same punch that it seemed to have i.r.l? All of us have experienced that from time to time. The revolution in digital photography means that we can always … Continue reading Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Photo Edits

Minestrone Soup Recipe

Before the southern summer heat vents its spleen and the northerners tuck themselves in for winter,  a nutritious meal that might ward off cold and flu viruses that accompany seasonal changes, could be just what we need. Such as Minestrone served with some crusty rolls/baguette slices. Minestrone There are a multitude of recipes for Minestrone … Continue reading Minestrone Soup Recipe