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Daily Post Photography Challenge – Object

The Daily Post challenge encourages us to photograph one tangible object, being conscious of Aperture, composition, focus and depth of field. Furthermore, the post tells us some photographs, like portraits, focus on individuals, while still-life moments capture the beauty (and often treasured stories) of belongings and found objects. I had already been experimenting with aperture the last month or so, and thus, I had this photo ready, (unknowingly), for this challenge. To me, it seems to encapsulate the beauty of our Australian family Christmases with the various Scandinavian traditions inextricably entwined with typically Australian ones.

Xmas 2013I used a low f stop to blur the background and make the Danish and Swedish decorations stand out.

To help me learn aperture settings and meanings I jotted down these notes from Photography 101 ‘focus’ tips found here

Shallow depth of field – bigger aperture – lower f number,
Deeper depth of field – smaller aperture – high f number.

Deep focus for landscape, architecture, interior design,
Shallow or short focus for sports, food or people.

The closer you are to the object, the less the depth of field,
The further away you are, the greater the depth of field in an image.

In my second photo, there was no study of depth of field, it is posted because it is one of the weirdest “objects” I have seen on my travels. It is the sort of thing that seem like a good idea at the time, that is: to advertise a fish shop, with an enormous fibreglass prawn, but then, when the fish shop closes……

They grow 'em big in Australia

What happened to the Big Prawn? Something to Ponder about.

Daily Post is found here.

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Learning Danish – Just how google translate…

After the recent devastating typhoon, I noticed this post which google translate has got right. They have improved…

Foreløbig støtte fra 5 lande til Filippinerne – synes bare beløbene er meget forskellige…landenes størrelse taget i betragtning.

Danmark 42.000.0000 kr
Australien 51.710.000 kr ($10 millioner)
USA 111.142.000 kr ($20 millioner)
UK 176.920.000 kr. (£20 millioner)
Taiwan 1.111.400 kr. ($200.000)

Preliminary support from 5 countries to the Philippines – just think the amounts are very different … their size taken into account.

Danmark 42.000.0000 kr
Australien 51.710.000 kr ($10 millioner)
USA 111.142.000 kr ($20 millioner)
UK 176.920.000 kr. (£20 millioner)
Taiwan 1.111.400 kr. ($200.000)

Is Google translate always this accurate? My experience with google translate is very hit and miss.

Something to ponder about.

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Cee’s Which Way Challenge No.16

 Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Radhuset, København, Danmark

This photo was taken inside the Town Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark and is a beautiful example of the romantic architecture of public buildings from 1888. The 107 metres high tower is equipped with a carillon that chimes its familiar tune all over the capital every day.

To join in with this challenge:

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 Up the stairs or turn left….

Something to ponder about.

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot; Quote Challenge – Desire

Ese’s challenge is to post a photo you have taken and a quote, attributed to its author, and of course related to your image. Every week on Sunday she posts a new prompt.

Prompt 6 – DESIRE

Swiss Sweets,

These sweets in a Zurich shop window at Christmas, certainly initiate a feeling of desire: for sweetness.

But then, my desire is to return to Denmark one day, and thus my second photo. However, as a H. C. Andersen story reminded us, I must also remember:

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

Sønder Felding

The house Færgebo, which our family owned, in Sønder Felding, Denmark, dating back to 1801. The oldest house in the village.

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