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She’ll be right, mate? Won’t she? This is Australia!

January 26: Australia Day. The only National Day of Celebration Australia observes, that has any strong evidence of tradition. Most Australians will relax by going to the beach, or relaxing with a pool party with family and friends and a hearty outdoor Barbeque. Being such a new country, is it the only tradition we observe? Continue reading

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Quakers or Amish? They’re all the same, aren’t they?

Have you ever wondered  about: the Quakers? There seems to be so very few in this movement, more correctly called the Religious Society of Friends in Australia, so I wanted to know who they are and what they represented? Here … Continue reading

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Researching your Danish Roots – Family history

If you have or suspect your family originated from Denmark, there is a surprising amount of information on the net to help you in this search. Danes started recording all individuals, in their kingdom around 1787 but church records sometimes … Continue reading

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