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Left to Pick Up the Pieces

There can only be one thing more nightmarish than hell itself, and that is to lose a child to suicide. Gut-wrenchingly sad and tragic that a young life is lost. Gut-wrenchingly sad and tragic that the person has felt such emptiness and despair. Gut-wrenchingly sad and tragic that someone could feel so lacking in hope, consumed with mental pain and anguish that this was even considered an option. And yet for their own family, who are left somehow to pick up the pieces, the consequences of this act can be so viscerally devastating, it is akin to a nightmare without end. Is it a selfish act? An aberrant impulse? A distorted or dysfunctional thought? Continue reading

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Is Life too Stressful? A Different Take on Handling Stress

There’s a lot of people in this world who are ‘stressed.’ PicsArt camera app

There’s a lot of people in this world who feel ‘stressed.’ PicsArt camera app

Many of us have attended workshops titled ‘what is stress?’, ‘How to handle stress’ etc. They offer basic practical tips, but do they really address the underlying behaviours we exhibit, or why we might react in this way? With a little research, I was able to find a different ways of looking at and handling stress. Continue reading

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30 Day Book Challenge – Most thought-provoking book.

DAY 16 – Endearing Love by Ian McEwan This story is a surprising book about obsessional love and the actual psychiatric condition that underpinned the story added realism to the plotlines. It really make me think a lot about the … Continue reading

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