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How to Respectfully Say No to Senior Colleagues Requests to Work Longer

It is lovely that we can help others, as long as it doesn't disadvantage ourselves to our detriment. Conversely, it is good to remember to help ourselves as long as doing so does not disadvantage others. With many economies struggling, workers are asked to do more and more tasks in a normal working day. Many… Continue reading How to Respectfully Say No to Senior Colleagues Requests to Work Longer

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Moksha Asks for Mental Health Day

For World Mental Heath Day last week, Moksha asked: * The country I live in? - Australia, Down Under, Aussie, Oz. * An incident that taught you the importance of taking care of your mental health Recognising that a victim of abuse, or domestic violence, be that of any gender, may be at risk of… Continue reading Moksha Asks for Mental Health Day

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Sinking to New Depths

You know it is wretched when I'm contemplating painting my toenails. Why? Being retired, painting my nails is a task that holds little importance. A very low priority. Especially given it's winter! Those unpainted keratinous coverings are well and truly hidden in the comfy warmth of deep, fluffy socks for another month or two. Photo… Continue reading Sinking to New Depths

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Why It is Hard to Change Opinions

In my past life, I was working as a Nurse in a Vascular ward of a large hospital. The ward was brimming with patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease, (PVD), a disease that often narrows the arteries and results from smoking. Without treatment, healthy tissues usually in the lower extremities are starved of blood and therefore… Continue reading Why It is Hard to Change Opinions

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The Spotlight Effect, Sales, Social Phobia and Anxiety

Research has shown that many people drastically overestimate the effect they have on others and surprisingly this so-called "Spotlight effect", has relevance both for the way we select items for purchase, and for those folk who feel anxious in social situations. The Anchoring Effect and Comparison It has been observed in studies that when judging… Continue reading The Spotlight Effect, Sales, Social Phobia and Anxiety

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Equanimity - my former yoga teacher used to mention it all the time. Trying to be the 'equanimous' person. What does that mean? To my mind, it means someone who is really calm and composed. Where does composure come from? An understanding of the bigger picture. Not stressing the small items. Knowing that energy shifts… Continue reading Equanimity