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Writing is Magical

Writing is magic, as much the water of life as any other creative art. The water is free. So drink. Drink and be filled up.Stephen King At work we have a new sub-editor checking our articles and after receiving the text about the new person on our team, it suddenly dawned on me that this… Continue reading Writing is Magical

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Moksha Asks for Mental Health Day

For World Mental Heath Day last week, Moksha asked: * The country I live in? - Australia, Down Under, Aussie, Oz. * An incident that taught you the importance of taking care of your mental health Recognising that a victim of abuse, or domestic violence, be that of any gender, may be at risk of… Continue reading Moksha Asks for Mental Health Day

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Connecting through Kindness

Meaningful connection is diminishing. Communities are more divided on political, cultural, socio-economic and environmental fronts. Residents of larger cities feel more disconnected and more alone than ever before. Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Despite being well-connected via devices and instant messaging, feelings of loneliness and isolation are on the rise the world over and… Continue reading Connecting through Kindness

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Qi What for Fitness and Health?

Qigong is a form of exercise, relaxation and meditation connecting your mind, body and spirit. I am fortunate enough to have a group that practises close by, that is not only in the perfect beachside location, it's completely free of cost. I practise Qi gong at the beach early in the morning Benefits of Qi… Continue reading Qi What for Fitness and Health?

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Equanimity - my former yoga teacher used to mention it all the time. Trying to be the 'equanimous' person. What does that mean? To my mind, it means someone who is really calm and composed. Where does composure come from? An understanding of the bigger picture. Not stressing the small items. Knowing that energy shifts… Continue reading Equanimity

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Friendly Friday Challenge – Searching for Serenity

How's your 2022 shaping up? I haven't seen its best face, so far. Not by a long shot. Scarborough, Australia at Sunrise Even so, there's always a sense of serenity to be found, in a Scarborough beach sunrise. Australia is blessed with a multitude of beaches. They're a perfect place for contemplation - the rhythmic… Continue reading Friendly Friday Challenge – Searching for Serenity