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Thanks for stopping here. You just made my day.

Blogging is all about sharing one’s thoughts, embracing a global community and making connections. Right? For without readers, what good is a blog?

A Little About Me

I’m an egalitarian, environmental traditionalist who lives in Australia, yet I’m an Aussie who’s anything but a sunlover. I am actually a bit obsessed with cool, wintry climates and Scandinavia, in general, as you will soon find out.

However, it is not all about darkness and gloom here, at Something to Ponder About. I write about many different topics that interest, puzzle and frustrate me, as well as things that important to share with others, so I hope you’ll find something of interest.

Whether it is discussing pearls of wisdom on Sunday Sayings, (formerly called Proverbial Friday), inviting contributions to Photo and blogging challenges along with co-hosts, on Friendly Friday, writing Travel or Book/Product reviews, DIY tutorials on Traditional Arts and Crafts, or old-fashioned home Cooking. I’ve been curating this blog for more than ten years, so the search field in the sidebar may be useful, if you’re hunting for something specific.

Trondheim, Norway
Amanda in Trondheim, Norway

I think everyone’s opinion is important, so please feel welcome to leave a comment on any of my posts and we can have a conversation!

Come and join me.  Everyone is welcome. There’s always Something to Ponder About.

 ~ Amanda


11 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi, Amanda… I was just visiting on a ?RandomRaid!, and I landed on your 2015 post ‘One Word Photo Challenge: Ultramarine‘. Comments are closed for that post, so I hope you don’t mind me reporting here what I found on my ‘raid’:
    1. The second image, ‘Tangalooma wrecks – Moretone Bay Australia’, has gone walkies 😦
    2. The link on the word ‘here’, to http://jennifernicholewells.com/2014/12/30/one-word-photo-challenge-ultramarine/ is dead (‘404 not found’).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! Thanks for the raid! I will remove that post as it is no longer relevant. Some of my older images no longer show for some reason. Appreciate the raid and will return the favour asap.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww… butbutbut… I thought it was a good post. I really want to see the second image. To be honest it was only Scrapydo’s comment ‘The second one has different color tones!’ that made me look again; I hadn’t even noticed that it was missing,
        I’m intrigued as to the reason why some of your older images might no longer show. Perhaps it’s something that a WordPress.com Happiness Engineer can help you with… might it be worth a trip to https://wordpress.com/support/ ?

        Liked by 1 person

              1. Hello again! Just dropping by on another raid. Today I visited this 2013 post of yours. Loved the first image, of Zermatt (though the link on that place name showed me a hill to over the north of the Alps, for some reason; but I searched for the place and found it). The next link, to ‘A Word in Your Ear’, was dead 😦 … and it looks like there’s another of your vanishing images that’s disappeared from the foot of the post.
                (PS Please do let me know if you find these reports in any way irritating!)

                Liked by 1 person

              2. No they are not irritating at all. I start to check through my blog posts, for broken links every so often, but I start at the beginning and don’t get too far. I have ten years of posts, you see! So I do appreciate your raids. I thought I had deleted most of the ‘Word in your Ear,’ posts but clearly not. This was a popular challenge in my early days of blogging. Thanks for alerting me. It is redundant to have these broken links using up space and your raids give me a chance to revamp a post.

                Liked by 1 person

              3. Like you, I started my blog many years ago. Though I’m not most prolific of bloggers, the thought of checking through all my old posts is intimidating! Which is exactly why I started ?RandomRaiders!… to enable us to check each others’ blogs 🙂

                But since — so it would seem — your older posts have closed comments, so I can’t comment directly on them, this thread here might get a bit long! Would you prefer it if I were to send you my ‘raid’ reports some other way, perhaps via your contact page?

                Oh, oh, here’s a thought: perhaps I could persuade you to create a post promoting ?RandomRaiders! on which you could leave no end date on the comments, and I could use that instead? 😀

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