About Me


Hi –  You just made my day.

I am very glad that you stopped by and I hope you find something interesting to ponder about! Blogging is all about sharing one’s thoughts, embracing a global community and making connections, right? Without readers, what good is a blog?

I’m  an egalitarian, environmental traditionalist living in Australia, but, in actual fact, I am a bit obsessed with cool, winter climates and Scandinavia, as you will soon find out.


But don’t go thinking it is all about darkness and gloom here, at Something to Ponder About, because you would be wrong. I write about many different things that interest, puzzle and frustrate me, and also things that important to share with others.

Like sharing pearls of wisdom in Proverbial Thursdays, or inviting guesses on a location of a mystery photography with Monday Mystery Photo, posted every Monday! (unless you live in a different time zone and then you might see it on a Sunday night), in addition to writing Travel and Book reviews or tutorials on Traditional Arts and Crafts, as well as good old fashioned home Cooking.

And remember, I think everyone is important, so please so leave a comment so we can have a conversation!

Come and join me.  Everyone is welcome here; there’s always Something to Ponder About.