Friday Blog Challenges

Each Friendly Friday Challenge runs for two weeks, from Friday to the following Thursday week, when a new challenge prompt is released.

The following bloggers will take turns hosting the prompts. You can follow them if you wish to be notified of each new challenge, when it is released.

Something to Ponder About – Amanda

The Sandy Chronicles – Sandy

Travel with Me – Sarah

How to join the Friendly Friday Blog Challenge

  • Write a post including at least one photo, story, recipe, song, or whatever you’d like to share that relates to the given prompt. Write as much or as little as you like.
  • Include the URL link to the Host Blogger’s Friendly Friendly post, (this is a Ping-back), and we’d love it if you could also tag your post, ‘Friendly Friday.’
  • Include the Friendly Friday Challenge logo, if you wish.
  • Copy the published URL of your post, into the comments section, on that week’s host blog where the Friendly Friday prompt was published, so that other readers can find and read your post.
  • Visit other Friendly Friday entries by following the links in the comments. It’s fun!
  • Follow the host blogs to be notified of future Friendly Friday Challenge Prompts.

*Remember to post a comment in the Host Blogger’s weekly post, so the host and other readers can visit you, if the WordPress ping-back doesn’t work.*

The Benefits

  • Showcase your photography, writing and posts
  • Be inspired to create more diverse posts
  • Challenge yourself to get creative with the weekly prompts
  • Make new blogger friends
  • Build a blogger community

Do you have a Challenge prompt you would like to suggest?

If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact Amanda via the ‘Contact Me’ page.


42 thoughts on “Friday Blog Challenges”

    1. Whoa. Thanks for alerting me Judy! And for adding your link. I usually have allow comments and pings ticked by default so not sure why it suddenly unticked them! I will have to manually check that with every post now. Have you had that happen before?


      1. Yes. I have a friend whose comments section occasionally disappears and it has happened now and then with others.. Also, occasionally nothing pingsback on the 5 word prompts I follow and the other day someone couldn’t “like” my blog. WP gets these glitches. I was afraid I just couldn’t find your comments. I looked and looked. And that can happen where I totally overlook something that is there. So it is a relief that they actually weren’t.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Patricia. I love that you found me via blogger friend Sheree’s blog. She is a frequent contributor. We generally alternate between co-hosts but I will be hosting Friendly friday again next week as we will be having a guest post, so I hope I will see you then! You are very welcome, here!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. What multicultural life you must have had. Do you ever wish to return to Romania?
      We had a small amount of rain, but as we normally have a wet season in summer, unlike the southern bush fire prone areas, there won’t be much now till Spring returns. The drought will no doubt worsen in some areas.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Try to see the full half of my glass, Amanda. I consider myself lucky to have traveled so much and, yes, I do wish that. But then the grass is always greener some other place, isn’t it 🙂

        Perhaps one more month till winter is upon us – although each time my husbands comment on having reached its half I am surprised! We still hope for one more good rain.

        Following your blog 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Great work on the post. Can you add a pingback to my blog somewhere in your post – that is copy the url on my Quiet places post, highlight the selected text on your post then click the linking icon and paste my url there. Then I should get a pingback. This means that people can find my post by clicking on your highlighted link. It would also be great to add a comment on my actual Quiet places post (not the instructions), so others can find your post and visit you. Many thanks.

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  1. I’d love to join the challenge but having read the instructions twice I still don’t have a clue how to do so! That’s my own fault, I’m sure – being new to WP I don’t understand how pingbacks work, for instance. Can you explain what you mean by the xxx in ‘Friendly Friday- xxx Prompt name xxx,’ and also ‘Prompt name’ – do I actually write ‘Prompt name’ or does that, like the xxx, stand for something else? And in a comment reply above you saw ‘copy the url on my Quiet places post, highlight the selected text on your post then click the linking icon and paste my url there.’ Which selected text on my blog would that be please?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry, Sarah. Pingbacks are confusing. They are simply a clickable link made up of text you have typed into your post.
      The selected text might be a few words of your choosing to indicate the link to my blog. After copying the url to my post, you might write: linking to Friendly Friday at StPA into your draft post. You would then highlight the words, ‘Friendly Friday at StPA’ and look for a icon that looks like a link in a chain, on your editing screen. Click that and a box will pop up in which you can insert the url you copied from my Friendly Friday post itself. Then hit enter. That is it. Then once your post is published, anyone can then click on those words Friendly Friday at StPA and they will be redirected to my blog and can read about Friendly Friday and join in if they wish.
      The “xxx prompt name xxx,” is the name of the weekly theme or prompt challenge. This week it is “Practice.” Reading other participant’s blog posts which you can find in the comments can give you an example of how to do this. I hope that helps.

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      1. OK I think I get it – it was the term ‘pingback’ that threw me. I know how to include links, I just didn’t realise that’s what a pingback is! And I think I get the post labelling so I’ll look out for your post on Friday and try to give it a go 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for commenting, Frank. I was actually perusing your challenge, and love the idea of collaboration, however, I feel that my photographs are not up to the standard of some that are on your blog postings. I do live by the sea though so if I can help out, please let me know.

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