Poetry Challenge – October Reminder

October Prompt:

~ Write a poem to, or about, your future self.

How might you see yourself, or your life, in ten years time.


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This prompt is merely a suggestion and you may choose a topic of your liking and still be included in the challenge.

Remember to add the tag A and I Poetry Challenge, to your post, so that I can link to your blog in the final end of month round up of contributors.



The challenge is open to everyone, from complete beginners to advanced writers or aspiring poets. The challenge will include writing tips and link backs for contributors. Beginner poet, hobbyist or Advanced writer We hope you will join in.

You can write in either language, however, please post a link back, and comment at both WordPress blogs to indicate your interest and include the tag  A and I Poetry Challenge. 

In this way, we can find you and read your poetry.


Have fun!

A and I Poetry Challenge

Something poetic to ponder About



Poetry Challenge – September Prompt

A little late but here is my contribution to the A and I Poetry Challenge for September.

I am not the girl in the poem, rather I am the one living in the tropics yearning for some cooler weather.




In Iceland, a girl yearned for some heat,

to soothe her aching, chill-blained feet.

With her savings she gained,

A ticket on a plane,

Soon stepping her toes on the beach.





September Prompt

Write a limerick poem on the change of the season and post on your blog before 28th September. If you live in the Northern hemisphere, write about the onset of Autumn. Those living in the South, including Ineke and Amanda, write about the onset of Spring.

A Limerick is a humorous poem wherein the first line sets up the character(s) and setting, so the reader knows right away who/what the story is about.

Only five lines long, limerick poems have an ‘AABBA’ rhyme scheme.

If you wish to join in with the final month of the challenge, click on the link below:



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Poetry Challenge – September Round up


A and I Poetry Challenge


The Prompt for September was to write a Limerick or humorous poem.

Only five lines long, limerick poems have an ‘AABBA’ rhyme scheme.


Featured Poets – Colonialist’s Blog




I do suppose that each season
Does come with a kind of a reason,
And most are quite fine,
But I draw the line
At seasons that have my toes freezin’!


~The Colonialist



Find more about the Colonialist here



Hester writes a real cracker, really capturing the essence of the limerick’s humor:


An OLD bird who LIVES at the COAST

Lied DOWN in the SUN and she DOZED

She THOUGHT a light TAN

Would CATCH her a MAN

But NOW she’s burnt CRISP as dry TOAST



This is a really awesome limerick!!! I love it, and it has that memory making sing-song quality so that it sticks in one’s head for quite a while!!



I invite you to read this month’s submissions for the A and I Poetry challenge   who have all done a fantastic job.


Poetry Challenge Contributors for September


Ju- Lyn  varied the theme of seasons in refashioning-rules  but also decided to give the limerick form a go, here. And I am very glad she did. The limerick is deceptively easy to write but difficult to convey a message in such few words. Ju-Lyn nailed it.

Manjamexi  – penned a cheeky limerick with beautiful illustrations of mouth-watering photographs of a Cypress field many incarnations through the seasons.

Ineke’s delightful limerick on the seasonal changes in New Zealand – Scrapydo2.wordpress.com

Abrie Joubert – writes in Afrikaans but copy paste this into google Translate or use the translator button and you will find some wonderful words.

Abrie’s post on the A and I Poetry Challenge inspired two other Afrikaans writers to write limericks in the comments of Abrie’s post:

Hesterleynel  – she is at it again! Well done, Hester.



Very well done to all of you!  The translations were a lot of fun to read! One word translated to diarrhoea!! Not sure that it was meant as such, but it certainly was humorous!!

Hester’s post inspired Vuurklip to contribute in Afrikaans,on Hester blog post here

Tafuzul  – submitted a surpise poem.  He asked me to choose his best poem for his entry this month. Find it here

If you have written a poem in September and would like a linkback included here, please comment below.

Host bloggers Amanda  from Australia at Something to Ponder About and

Ineke from New Zealand at scrapydo2.wordpress.com  jointly host the challenge.

Ineke mostly does the poetry in Afrikaans, while Amanda uses English.

The challenge is open to all, from first-timers up to well-advanced poets. Be sure to comment here so that we can find your poem for October and add you to the link up post at the end of this month.


October is the final month for the Poetry Challenge.

Poetry Challenge – August prompt closing soon


A and I Poetry Challenge – August prompt

Contributions for August close soon. Publish a blog post with your poem before 30th August if you wish to be included in the round up for August:

Write a Heart Poem:

This might be a poem with lines written in the shape of a heart, or a poem about love, getting to the heart of a problem, about  folks wearing their hearts on their sleeves, or someone showing a lot of heart in competitions.

Post on your blog on or before 30th August, 2018 to be included in the link-backs.

The prompt is merely a suggestion and any topic is welcome.

Here is my contribution for August:

August prompt

When You Leave

My heart does dream of only you,

it has no time or rudder.

Until your touch is felt again,

that longing makes me shudder.

Your trust you gave implicitly

I will not lie or tease,

for in between life’s dark and light,

It ‘s you I long to please.



Hosts Blogger and writer from New Zealand, Ineke from scrapydo2.wordpress.com and Blogger, Amanda from Something to Ponder About, are jointly hosting the A and I Poetry Challenge. Amanda’s challenge is  in English and Ineke’s is in Afrikaans, (with translations in English).

The challenge is open to everyone, from complete beginners to advanced writers or aspiring poets. The challenge will run from March to October, 2018.

You can write in either language but please post a link back or comment at both WordPress blogs to indicate your interest and include the tag  A and I Poetry Challenge.

Beginner poet, hobbyist or Advanced writer – we hope you will join in with us.

For Full guidelines click here.

A and I Poetry Challenge


Something Lovingly Poetic to Ponder About

Poetry Challenge for July

The A and I Bilingual Poetry Challenge runs each month until October.

The prompt for July is:

Turn on the radio to any channel.

Write a poem inspired by the first thing you hear

(lyrics to a song, a commercial, etc.)

This is my contribution.


A Mother’s Lament

So innocent, and vital, that smiley young boy,

With giggles and laughs, so charmingly coy.

Growing so tall after you donned that uniform;

Jumping so eagerly at war, which the suited men had spawned.

At home here we hear of the deathly horror you’ve seen,

It seems like everything turned black, when you turned 19.

Half a man returned home; as your soul is still there.

Seeing you broken is more than a mother can bear.

Each day, the gulf between us slowly widening,

as you keep running from the shadows, there’s no denying.

No more giggles, no smiles and never a laugh;

I don’t understand why you avoid photographs.

You close down any talk, you’re consumed with hate,

War’s legacy sinks down on us all, like a lead plate.

But my clock’s running down as time’s marching on,

I  only hope for small reconciliations, before I’m long gone.

I see that smiley young face in the photo on the bureau,

realizing sadly, he’s a stranger, I once used to know.

Amanda – July 2018

For the Afrikaans version of the Poetry Challenge – Visit Ineke at   scrapydo2.wordpress.com




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