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A Country Life and Weird Family Traditions in Australia

The M.o.t.h. (Man of the house) was part of a big family and extended family. As was his father, who had nine siblings, all of whom were raised on a large dairy farm in a rich, agricultural valley in country Queensland, the so-called Sunshine State. Both households were a sea of children, tiny legs scurrying… Continue reading A Country Life and Weird Family Traditions in Australia

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Where are you going, Australia?

Australia Day 2020 Today is Australia Day, or if you are a First Nation person, you might call it Invasion Day. Back in 1788, the "First Fleet." of British ships arrived on Australia's eastern coast and began establishing a British colony. The British considered the Australian continent unoccupied - as the indigenous peoples were not… Continue reading Where are you going, Australia?

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Why I Like Melbourne

Not just home to Victoria Bitter, or Tennis Australia's epicentre, but every jar of Vegemite ever made and the largest Greek population outside Athens, is the very multicultural city of Melbourne, the world's southernmost, largest city and I like it. A lot.