Celebrating Diversity in Blogging


Happy Me!

Acceptance speeches are not what I would call, my forte, I’ll openly admit that. But to disregard or ignore an Award such as, ‘Most Diverse Blog for 2016,’ an honour that has been bestowed on me by others, is disrespectful and that is something I would never do.

Particularly as readers of NepaliAustralian‘s blog  took the time to nominate and vote for my blog.  It is important to be grateful and respectful, regardless of what a reader’s opinion might be of “awards” in the blogosphere. Because, besides the lovely affirmation that my humble ramblings are in fact, “reader-worthy”, what I think NepaliAustralian’s blog awards are doing, is introducing like-minded people to new blogs that they may not easily find via their readers. By the looks of her followers, many agree.

And I do try to discuss and showcase a range of subjects here, so Yay for Diversity! I will try to live up to the title: ‘Most Diverse Blog for 2016!!!’

So here goes…

  1. Thanks to the other nominees for NepaliAustralian Blog Awards, for without them, I would not have had the award bestowed on my blog.
  2. Extra big thank you to NepaliAustralian for launching and coordinating the awards and sending me around the web checking out new and interesting blogs.
  3. A extra extra big thank you to that person who nominated me. I suspect I know who it might be, but do not really know for sure. How more gracious can you get than an selfless gift of nominating anonymously?!
  4. Finally, the biggest thank you goes to those who saw something of value in my blog read my blog, and voted for me! It is most appreciated.


You can find the full list of Blog winners here. Congratulations to all of them. Perhaps your blog will be amongst them next year?

Something to Ponder About, perhaps?

Amanda in Trondheim, Norway




Epically Awesome Award

Epically Awesome

If you were going to groan at the sight of the word ‘award,’ then look away now….


Whilst I do accept blogging awards, I never place expectations on any of my nominees to accept or continue these awards. In nominating them, I am not presupposing they will, or even have to, pass the award on. So relax….

I also like to change the rules/conditions about a bit and create my own individual logo and interpretations. When I bestow an award, it is to indicate my appreciation of the contribution the nominees make to my time on WordPress, my sense of community and finally, to introduce other bloggers to new blog,s so that we can  build our global connections and communities, a bit like this….

Royalty Free Clipart Image of a Child Pyramid

So, thank you Millie from MillieThom for the nomination. Millie, is the sort of blogger friend everyone wants. She takes the time, often time she doesn’t have, to read all the posts within her blogging community, and comment thoroughly and thoughtfully. Her comments are always delightful to read, and not only that, they are insightful, kind and peppered with interesting information. Millie is also a published writer, and one gets a glimpse of her extraordinary talent in the flash fiction series on her blog. She has a way of garnering one’s attention from the first word till the last. Her stories are good, very good.


Thanks also to Ineke, from IScrap2  for this nomination. Ineke is a multi-talented person and one of the few bloggers I have met, in person, and one of the few that is in my time zone, (roughly)! And she is just as sweet, just as gentle and, as intelligent, as her blog suggests. She is an excellent quilter and photographer, a teacher, a writer, and someone who I felt a special kinship with almost the instant we met! We live in different countries and an ocean separates us, but through the blog and social media, we can still communicate frequently! And we both have a fondness for Schnauzer dogs! We may be a little biased, but to us they are clearly the best dogs in the world.

New Zealand blog friend

Standard Schnauzers

The blogs I am nominating for this award are as follows:

Royalty Free Clipart Image of a Woman With a Disabled ChildTara from After the rain is someone who writes like I would like to be able to write. She constantly inspires me with her witty, topical and environmentally friendly posts. Oh! I so wish I could write like Tara!  And she manages to do this, while looking after a wee one. I am unsure whether she accepts awards but darn-it, I am nominating her anyway, as she is Epically awesome!

A VikinPreview Imageg Saga – Poppy is simply so inspirational: a lone sailor traversing the world, documenting her life, “off the grid,” sailing in her boat: “Free” – what she has encountered and overcome is mind-blowing. She is also a writer….there is a recurring theme here, it seems.

Drake from LeDrakeNoir- Drake blows me away with his far -reaching knowledge of places around the world and his ability to remember, retrieve and deduce information on a geographic location, all from one of my humble snapshots, or from one that a guest blogger has sent in. Can you beat, the almost unbeatable champion, Drake in guessing the location of the mystery photo, each week?

MabelKwong  -Mabel is awesome because she builds bridges of multiculturalism in Australia, whilst challenging stereotypes of Asian Australians. In an increasingly divisive and intolerant world, Mabel is bucking the trend and deserves this award nomination, if for no other reason, (and there is many), but so that anyone, who hasn’t yet discovered her writing thus far, can do so now. I enjoy reading Mabel’s thought-provoking posts and her wonderfully detailed and intelligent responses to my Proverbial Thursday posts. Mabel “gets” me and my penchant for proverbs and quotes. Whilst she is on a blogging break atm, I look forward to her future posts. Epically Awesome, Mabel!

Gerard from Oosterman Treats Blog – I feel sure that Gerard is not into blog awards, but nevertheless I wish to introduce my blogging community to his very worthwhile, humorous, articulate, cutting, provocative, and thoroughly readable blog. Go check it out, so you can see what I mean.

Illustration of A Lady Coach on white background

Rules of the award are:

1. You are awesome; tell us why.

Whaaaat???Stop right there….New Zealand TeMata

Seriously… I can’t do that…..


2. You are my friend; tell us about other friends.

Does this mean Blogger friends? Hmmm… I did that above, and already do that with pingbacks as most of them participate each week in my Proverbial Thursday posts and travel trivia photo: Monday Mystery Photo.  I will let their blog speak for themselves.

3. Be creative, but it’s okay if you are having trouble with this one.

Cool, see blog logo above….

You don’t have to tell me twice! I love being invited to be creative.

4. There are no direct questions to answer; let yourself run wild!

Okay – No dramas, I can do that …. easy….Still thinking what to write here….

Epically Awesome, or Epic ‘Awesomness’, the blog award logo said….


My eyes went immediately to it!!



Is it just me?

What happened to the ‘e’ in awesomeness? Such the word that it is…

“There’s a spelling error in it,” my spelling control centre screamed…. (it’s the proof reader in me). “Let it go,” I said silently to myself!

Anyway, I digress…. Let me talk about What Awesomeness with an ‘e’might look like..? and….

I certainly hope it wasn’t #3, below, I was nominated for….. tee hee….

from Urban dictionary:


1. An unmeasurable amount of awesomenimity something can produce.

2. Something that qualifies as awesome.

3. With sarcastic use, means that something is not awesome at all. A lower and calmer tone of voice is used, and is generally followed by derogatory physical action such as a shrug or eye rolling.

1 and 2.
Me: “I found 50 bucks on the street! Let’s go get wasted!!”
You: “Awesomeness!!”

You: “I’m so happy to be going with my family on vacation, where I can’t party…”
Me: “Awesomeness…” *rolleyes*

5. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Goes without saying, doesn’t it?! Completed on Scrapydo2 and MillieThom

Royalty Free Clipart Image of a Woman Reading an Award

6. Notify your nominees –see #5 and #2


 Something Epically Awesome to Ponder About