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Goose/Duck? with a million dollar view:

Geese at Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland.

Lake lucerne Switzerland

Not as elegant is this Bush Turkey that is nesting around the Rainforest park at Maleny in South East Queensland. A native largeless flightless bird, the male tends a large moulded heap of composted leaf litter into which the females lay the eggs. To regulate the temperatur,e so that it is optimal for the eggs contained within the heap, these turkey remove or add leaf litter to the heap as necessary. Pretty cool that they can detect these temperature changes.

Family 2013 234

Lastly, here is my old pet Sulphur crested cockatoo. Now about 29 years old. Two years ago she went to live in Sydney, with another male cockatoo, who is much much younger than her. They has a large outdoor aviary and the run of the house!! Paradise for a pet bird bred who has lived, completely in captivity, its entire life. I do wonder what she ponders about these days.

Sulfur Crested CockatooHave you seen some birds on your travels?

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