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Morning World Blogger Video

When Vero from LesFrenchChronicles started a Vlogging collaboration, Bloggers with a View, it was a fun idea that connected bloggers around the world. Taking a look into the snippets of another's life, another's world. People that we only knew through words on a screen. That is one reason why we yearn to travel isn't it?… Continue reading Morning World Blogger Video

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Maintaining a Blog

Photo by on WordPress recently told me it was my Blogging Anniversary. Really? What of it? It has been almost ten years since I first created Something to Ponder About, after trying for a few miserable months with the Blogger platform. I never really got how you connected with other people on that… Continue reading Maintaining a Blog


Monday Mystery Photo Trondheim Grenadiers, Norway

Previous Mystery Photo The photo here under, of me, standing beside a soldier from a historical re-enactment group. The challenge was to find the location for this military group, based on his costume. This re-enactment group is actually based in Trondheim, Norway. In those days, the King of Norway was actually Prince Christian Frederik of… Continue reading Monday Mystery Photo Trondheim Grenadiers, Norway


Monday Mystery Photo. Last week Wroclaw, Poland

Can you guess the location of the Monday Mystery photo. Test your knowledge of the world each Monday. Guest submissions welcome. Linkbacks to correct answer and guest contributions.