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Friendly Friday Challenge – The Last Good Quote I Read

I can't remember where I read it, but the serial killer Gary Gilmore is apparently quoted as eating his last meal before announcing, "Let' Do It," in reference to his own execution. And then I read that Nike used that as inspiration for their slogan, Just Do It! That is crazy. Just like the world… Continue reading Friendly Friday Challenge – The Last Good Quote I Read

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Friendly Friday Blogging Challenge – On the Way

Even though few people are currently travelling, most of us have travel stories about our global adventures, that we can re-visit through writing and photographs. Welcome back to the Friendly Friday Blogging Challenge, where I challenge you to create a post and share your stories, photographs, or memories, that you experienced 'On the Way,' to,… Continue reading Friendly Friday Blogging Challenge – On the Way


Friendly Friday Challenge Review 2020

As we are on a break from our regular weekly photography challenges, my talented co-host, Sandy from The Sandy Chronicles, highlighted some extra special photographs from Friendly Friday 2020. Most Popular Friendly Friday Post for 2020 My favourite theme for 2020 was: Yellow. It was also the Friendly Friday Challenge post that received the most… Continue reading Friendly Friday Challenge Review 2020

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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Practice

Guitarists often practise daily out of sheer joy Developing Muscle Memory for Photography Who would have thought muscle memory had anything to do with photography? Scott Bourne explains that, just like musical ability, practising with one's camera is vital in aiming for that perfect shot, or lots more perfect shots! Scott explains: During the pandemic,… Continue reading Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Practice