Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Shapes and Beach Walk Reflections Collaboration

The blogosphere has some of the nicest people. Is it our interest in writing that fosters this convivial atmosphere? This week the Friendly Friday Challenge is collaborating with Frank from Beach Reflections, whose contemplative posts are beautifully written. With my images, he has formulated a thoughtful post on Shapes, one that gives me much joy… Continue reading Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Shapes and Beach Walk Reflections Collaboration


Blog Advice and Questions

As this blog is older than a decade, I thought that rather than write a lengthy comment in response to Maggie's post, on questions on blogging, I'd formulate a post to highlight my thoughts on the questions she posed. Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Do Bloggers Respond to Every Blog Comment? When Maggie asked… Continue reading Blog Advice and Questions


Crowdsourcing Blog Maintenance

Do you check older posts for broken links? I suspect not. When you've written and published a blog post, received comments and feedback, it's all over 'red rover,' for that blog post. Its moment in the WordPress reader limelight has passed, and it's such a shame that its cyber-life is all but over. Time moves… Continue reading Crowdsourcing Blog Maintenance

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Having Trouble Using the New Editor?

I have had many blogger friends comment that they are having issues with adding images or aligning images with the new block editor. Photo by Andrea Davis on I've been using the WordPress Block Editor since it was offered as the Gutenberg trial a year or so ago. Now I can honestly say I… Continue reading Having Trouble Using the New Editor?

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Creating a Successful Blog

So you have time to read blogs? Why? Don't you know what you want in life? Said a philosopher who had no concept of having to battle with a financial position. Benefits of Writing a Blog Most of us aren't completely aimless in life, we have some kind of plan and guess what, we do… Continue reading Creating a Successful Blog

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Blog Conversations

Are all Bloggers would-be storywriters, in disguise? Disguise I had to think a little more about why bloggers are attracted to write in the first place? Is it because we have a desire to express ourselves and communicate to others, using the written word? Blogging is like a Facebook post on caffeine! Writing Your Own… Continue reading Blog Conversations