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30 Day Book Challenge – Book You Couldn’t Put Down

I was fourteen and a half when the Germans came. On that 9th April we woke to the roar of aeroplanes swooping so low over the roofs of the town that we could see the black iron crosses painted on the underside of their wings when we leaned out of the windows and looked up.

In this exquisite novel, readers will find the crystalline prose and depth of feeling they adored in Out Stealing Horses, a literary sensation of 2007. Continue reading

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30 Day Book Challenge – A book you hated.

It is an astonishing book for its time, belonging I think more to the avant-garde modernist writing than to the sometimes considered “proper” late 19th century. A writer encounters difficulties financially and mentally when he loses his job, adn then is left without income for food and essentials in 19th century Christiania, (the former Oslo), where he slowly and agonisingly descends into mental confusion. Continue reading

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30 Day Book Challenge – Favourite Quote from a Book

DAY 28. – Jonathan Wunrow – Adventure Inward: A Risk-Taker’s Book of Quotes Where else does one find a quote, but in a book of quotes. Jonathan is a rock climber and mountaineer, and has been stuck in places where … Continue reading

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