Swimming Pools and Australian Children

Swimming in a public or private pool, dam or creek is a given in my region of Australia. It was and is a part of growing up. After all, it gets pretty hot here. Five months of the year. Learning to Swim in Australia Aussie kids receive mandatory swimming lessons at school. It has been… Continue reading Swimming Pools and Australian Children


There’s Always One Joker in Every Crowd

The local museum had an interactive exhibit, mainly geared towards children. It comprised a large whiteboard on which children could hand-write a response to the following two questions: Tell us about your backyard. What changes have you (the children) made to your backyard, during COVID-19? I was interested in the children's responses so took a… Continue reading There’s Always One Joker in Every Crowd


Why You Shouldn’t Believe in Halloween

Following on from my recent Ghost Story, I didn't grow up with the Halloween tradition and as such, I don't feel the intense need to place a 'ZOMBIE CROSSING,' sign and plaster it in my front garden on October 31 each year. Nor do I relish having an imprint of a hand on my door/window/car… Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Believe in Halloween


Gender Stereotyping and Child’s Play

Another blogger raised an interesting point about gender stereotyping, the availability of toys to young children and whether this influenced them in any way. With my own children, dolls were never much on the agenda. The boys thought they were uninteresting as they didn't do anything - which I guess is not all that surprising.… Continue reading Gender Stereotyping and Child’s Play

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Sunday Sayings – Resilience and Success

Weekly Quote "A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him."-David Brinkley Weekly Proverb If your only tool is a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail. — Gambian proverb Resilience A recent article suggests that those who can weather the storms of… Continue reading Sunday Sayings – Resilience and Success

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Cook Eat Repeat Challenge – Healthy Breakfast Eggnog

I have been following Moons' blog, Bits and Pieces for some time now and read her post on a traditional form of Chai style tea that originated from Calcutta, as well as the beautiful traditions that surround this drink and its preparation. She's challenged the blogging community to write about a drink that is a… Continue reading Cook Eat Repeat Challenge – Healthy Breakfast Eggnog