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Dog Friendly Cafes and Bars

Unlike a lot of Europe, dogs are not welcome at all eating venues around Australia. The select ones that do welcome dogs, were so few a decade ago that I started a social media group to identify and share information about their location. It now has almost 9000 members. That is a lot of folks wanting to take their doggy with them to eat/have coffee.

Mostly the allocated dog friendly space at an Australian Dog Friendly Cafe is outdoors, without a fixed roof, if the venue is serving any kind of food. I do understand that dogs are unpredictable and can bark or become a nuisance. If this is the sort of dog you have, you probably would hang out at a park instead of a cafe.

Bearing this in mind, it was with much excitement that I attended Dalgety Public House located on the riverside fringe of the CBD. Not only did this Gastropub welcome dogs, they offered wide range of events, lunchs dinners, and weekend breakfasts. The meal we had was scrumptious and the Barista was a talented coffee artist who decorated our coffee crema with our own pet or animal of choice.

Here is some of her creations. Guess which one is my pup?

Are dogs accepted at cafes, pubs in your area?

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WPC = Treat

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.”IMG_20150120_115233IMG_20150120_115250IMG_20150120_115256IMG_20150120_120521phone 13 jan melbournePhotos from a fabulous piece of Italy buried in the city of Melbourne – Brunetti. Opening at 4.30 am each day, the service is impeccable and the food extraordinarily delectable!

Just as well I don’t live in Melbourne, otherwise, my girth would be much expanded!!!

I can’t think of a better thing to ponder and perhaps salivate, about for this wordpress photography challenge.