Crowdsourcing Blog Maintenance

Do you check older posts for broken links? I suspect not. When you've written and published a blog post, received comments and feedback, it's all over 'red rover,' for that blog post. Its moment in the WordPress reader limelight has passed, and it's such a shame that its cyber-life is all but over. Time moves… Continue reading Crowdsourcing Blog Maintenance


Bloggers with a View – Goodness Video

We all need good news stories and I have been so pleased to share a few of these in our troubled times. Goodness can be found in the most surprising places. If you feel trapped or stuck, this video is for you. Bloggers who contributed: Janis, San Diego California ( Pam, Boulders Colorado (…I… Continue reading Bloggers with a View – Goodness Video


Morning Vlog Collaboration

Photo by Pixabay on We all crave connections with others. It is a basic human need. Connection with the people we live with, friends and within our community. Corona Virus makes that much more difficult.Travel is restricted or non existant and there is an ongoing threat to our health. Our mental and physical health… Continue reading Morning Vlog Collaboration

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Is Every Day a New Adventure, or Not?

Today we call ourselves developed, as if we have nothing left to learn. But in a hundred years, when people look back at our generation, will they too ask themselves: how did anyone accept that world? When we look at other life, we say our technology makes us more advanced. Yet all we seem to advance… Continue reading Is Every Day a New Adventure, or Not?