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Blue Skies!

Lorelle is relatively new to the WordPress world, and in support of her, I have decided to accept the nomination to participate in the Blue sky challenge. Now, I hear that slight, almost inaudible inward groan, from the seasoned wordpress … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Hijabi Online:
The bus was empty so I decided to sit on the lower deck, at the front, there was only one other passenger on the bus who sat in front of me, a few minutes went…

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Nominations open for NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2016

Originally posted on nepaliaustralian:
Like very year, I am hosting Nepaliaustralian’s Blog Award. Nepaliaustralian’s Blog Awards celebrates the best in blogging with 8 winners being announced at Jan 2017. Every year many blogs are created to express thoughts and emotions. Some are…

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Versatile Blogger Award

Many, many thanks to Millie Thom over at Bringing History to Life for nominating me for the Versatile blogger award back in January, when I was off gallivanting around the southern capitals.

Whilst I am very honoured by her attributing the award to me, I will fulfill some of the conditions of award in disclosing seven facts about myself, and nominate certain several blogs I feel are definitely worth a visit. Continue reading

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Personal faith versus Public Religion

Where is the boundary drawn? Do the public institutions of religion enhance or restrict the evolution and development of personal faith? If a person becomes ‘enlightened’, do they really need the guidance and advice of clergy who carry their own … Continue reading

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