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I Grew Up, but Never Forgot the Summers of the Sixties

Like JLo sings, I never forget I am Jenny from the Block. Do we ever forget our origins, our childhood years, even if we try? Those memories are so embedded in our permanent memory, they are hard to erase. Many details fade away, but just as many persist. When Snowmeltssomewhere, posted about Australia a flood of memories were brought back in a flash. Despite growing up at opposite ends of the earth, there was one thing in common that bound us. Continue reading

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Blue Skies!

Lorelle is relatively new to the WordPress world, and in support of her, I have decided to accept the nomination to participate in the Blue sky challenge. Now, I hear that slight, almost inaudible inward groan, from the seasoned wordpress … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Hijabi Online:
The bus was empty so I decided to sit on the lower deck, at the front, there was only one other passenger on the bus who sat in front of me, a few minutes went…

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