The Forbidden Cellar – Friday Fiction

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot It is not easy to tell a story in 100 words. If you are up for the challenge, head to Rochelle's blog and join in. Here is my take on the photo prompt: The Forbidden Cellar She thought it was wrong. She blamed her curiosity and the estate lawyer who… Continue reading The Forbidden Cellar – Friday Fiction


Street Smart is not Pool smart -Flash Non-Fiction

A True story A tropical hotel with a pool and a family on holiday.   Mum's reliant on seven-year-old Meeva, to watch younger sister, Jenny, as they play.  It's their custom back home. With Meeva’s help, two-year-old Jenny takes her soft toys for a swim. As Meeva swims laps, Jenny silently slips to the bottom.… Continue reading Street Smart is not Pool smart -Flash Non-Fiction


When You See Strange Ghosts

I was young, probably the youngest student in the group. Out of the intake of 20 or so girls and two older guys, I had only just turned 17. I had to wait until my birthday before I could start training at the old hospital, as a Student Nurse. All the trainees were eager to… Continue reading When You See Strange Ghosts


It’s All About the Nails

It's a room I have seen, but never have been. A room filled with comfy reclining chairs where white, seemingly middle-class women sit, invariably talking on their cell-phones, while their feet are washed clean. Ethnically diverse women, primarily from Asia, work long shifts every day and the salon is always full. The tedium of long… Continue reading It’s All About the Nails


That’s Ridiculous

Have you ever had that feeling that you have lost track of time? That you were a day behind. You are not alone. It happened to newly retired Suzanne too. Running a tad late Suzanne sat down, surprised to take the last vacant seat at the table for the ‘Older Singles’ group, a community group… Continue reading That’s Ridiculous


Friday Fictioneers – A home at last

Credit: Sandra-crook A Home, At Last They had devised the floor plan to take advantage of the sweeping views out front. Crumbling the old castle may be, but it caught the eye tantalizingly, when seen through the two picture windows placed either side of the chimney.  Oddly, the fireplace, so necessary in the cold climate,… Continue reading Friday Fictioneers – A home at last