WPC Challenge – Transmogrify


It means, “to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.” 

The challenge is to express this in photos.


A milk can with more than one life!

Zematt Cog Railway station

The strangest snowball/man I’ve seen – perhaps better suited to Halloween!

graffitiart (Small)

Graffiti art in Melbourne- really espousing the Transmogrification theme.

Dog photo
What my dog wants me to transmogrify!


A childs treat  (fairy floss), transmogrified into an inter-galaxial tornado type mass


No legs!

head on a plate

Doesn’t stop her from smiling, though…..


Watch out!

Image120A gigantic pygmy or a Pygmy Giant?

Something to ponder about this week



Photop101 – Day Fourteen: Scale and Observation

I used a natural scale to emphasize, (and not exagerrate), size. Where trolls live…. has to be Norway. Note the size of the barn in the lower centre of the photograph, compared to the Mountains.  balestrandThis lady looks like a giant in front of toy town… Austria

Europe 2011second batch 465

Amazing Aalesund, Norway

Amazing Ålesund, Norway

Natural scale is something to ponder about when travelling.

Community, Painting, Traditional Art

Daily Post Photography Challenge – Cover Art

Daily Post Photography challenge for this week – using my art, from Telemark

Poster, book, or photographic collection front cover:

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