Learning Danish – Fornøjelse Pleasure

Pleasure -  Fornøjelse from the verb fornøje : to please or delight or gratify Fornøjelig -amusing, delightful, pleasant Fornøjelse - pleasure, delight, diversion, amusement. betale fornøjelse: (to) foot the bill finne fornøjelse i: take pleasure/delight in har fornøjelse af: deirive satisfaction from Det er mig en stor fornøjelse at...   It gives me great pleasure… Continue reading Learning Danish – Fornøjelse Pleasure

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Ese’s Weekly Shoot; Quote Challenge – Desire

Ese's challenge is to post a photo you have taken and a quote, attributed to its author, and of course related to your image. Every week on Sunday she posts a new prompt. Prompt 6 – DESIRE


Learning Dansk – Extending your Danish Vocabulary for Beginners

This week I have the assistance of Mariane, over at the blog: Far Away  as a volunteer native Danish speaker, whose has provided some meticulous explanations and examples of this week's words. All credit goes to her for this week's examples. Her input and guidance is deeply appreciated.  I have learnt an abundance from Mariane… Continue reading Learning Dansk – Extending your Danish Vocabulary for Beginners


Learning Danish: forskrækket – frightened; spændende – exciting

  Dagens chok: Går lige om hjørnet på huset, og dér står et stort rådyr - jeg ved snart ikke, hvem der blev mest forskrækket. Today's shock: Going around the corner of the house, and there stands a large deer - I know soon not know who was most frightened Pronounciation tip:   lige - soft… Continue reading Learning Danish: forskrækket – frightened; spændende – exciting