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Takeshita Day Trip

Living in the wide open spaces of Australia, taking a “day trip” is something so commonplace, it is almost obligatory, but rather than showcase my own backyard, I have chosen a recent day trip in Japan, for this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Day trip.

Making our way to Yoyogi Park via the highly efficient Tokyo Subway system, we orientated ourselves at the entrance to Tokyo’s Harajuku station. The Station building has a rather old world feel about it, dating, I believe, from the 1930’s.

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Starting the day at Harajuku station

It is clearly a busy station, but one must remember this is Japan, a country of over 125 million people, so perhaps this was actually a quiet day.

Directly opposite the station, we found Takeshita Street!

The Mecca for youth and Japanese craziness and shopping.

Think sideshow alley on steroids with an Asian twist and you have Takeshita Street.

It is noisy, crazy and colourful. Be prepared for sensory overload.

Some of the delights to be found

In Takeshita Street, the crowds are so thick you can easily get up close and personal with the Japanese population and a whole variety of tourists.

The average Japanese citizen is around my height, so for once I felt quite comfortable and not amongst the shortest in the crowd perusing the shops. Miss Teen, now Adult, however towered over the heads of the shoppers like a Blonde German Supermodel.

What a beautiful girl from the beautiful sky,” was what one shopper regarded her as we strolled past.

Kind of made the Day Trip.

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