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The Gnawing

It's there in the belly, it sits like a stone, hard, heavy and dragging them down.


Hidden Lives and Human Resilience

Tragedies do not discriminate between classes and yet some sectors of society have lower rates of suicide than others. And it is not the ones you would expect. Could this information be useful in prevention?

Mental Health, Motivational

Survivors – FMFW Day 18 – Worth and Day 22 – Value

How Three Survivors of Suicide Spent Their Last Days On Earth - http://wp.me/p6xgta-oS Incredibly powerful stories, revealing in the way the writers take the reader into their heads and reveal their thinking. As a young person, I worked as a Nurse and never understood my patients as much as I did after reading this post.… Continue reading Survivors – FMFW Day 18 – Worth and Day 22 – Value