Color Your World – Extending my Palette


Over at Jennifer’s blog she is all about colour.

A daily ‘Color Challenge’ is running until next month. Such a challenge can help with understanding colour, its attributes and nuances, and how it makes us feel. Everyone sees colour differently.

Having a good sense of colour can help us make good choices in home decorating, in how we dress, in art and in how we feel, as colours around us can often affect our moods. Just think how we feel when the skies are dark and grey, as opposed to a sunny morning with a blue sky.

colour matching
Find your perfect colour combination

There are various colour matching tools on the web, (links below), that can help you find the colour that most matches the one you want for your art/decoration/clothing/craft. You can even upload your own image and analyze the colours there.

Today’s colour is PLUM. A full-bodied colour, often spoken about as if it were a description of a much cherished wine! Here’s why:

104_0427Which one is closest to your version of the colour, ‘plum?’

What colours affect your mood?

Colour Matching Tool

Colour Explorer Tool

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Something colourful to ponder about





Quick Christmas craft Table decoration – Craft for kids

Running out of time this Christmas?

Looking for a quick and easy table decoration you can do with children ….

Here is an idea that you won’t be embarrassed to have on the table… try this..

You will need:

1 polystyrene cone form (available from craft or fabric stores)

3m length of fabric or ribbon cut on the bias

Ribbon to decorate

Buttons sequins embellishments

Craft glue

Spray fixative

Step 1

 Begin by spraying the form with a fixative or adhesive, and then dabbing small amounts of craft glue on to the bias fabric. Slowly wind around the cone form overlapping as you get closer to the top.

Step 2

Add decorative ribbon as much or as little as you like.

Step 3

I had to add some contrasting ribbon at the top, and finished it off with a bow.

Like here:

Step 4

Final touch is to add some decorative embellishments, but buttons or sequins will do just fine.

There you have it. A table decoration you can make with your children in 1/2 hour.

Have fun and please post any photos of superseded versions you have made!! We all can benefit from shared inspiration.

Something to ponder about…..