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How to Design your Own Artwork – Space

Week 3 of the Design Challenge examines Space as an element in drawing your own piece of art. Continue reading

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Blind Drawing: Good Practice

Tapping into the creative or right hemisphere of the brain can allow us to visualize and draw shapes, contours and lines better. This exercise helps do all of that. Continue reading

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How to Design your own Artwork – Week #2 Design Challenge

Learn how to design your own artwork examining the elements and principles of art and how it applies to design and to Norwegian folk art. Continue reading

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How to Design your own Artwork – Week #1 Design Challenge

There are a variety of elements used in every artistic design or piece. Principles applied to the elements bring them together in an eye-pleasing cohesive unit. Knowing this can make the difference between being able to produce an attractive or disjointed piece. A design challenge can improve your skill level, inspire you to extend yourself, and give you confidence in your designing skills. My focus is on traditional art but this challenge could apply to any artistic pursuit. Continue reading

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Sorbian Inspiration – Traditional Tuesday

Traditional Tuesday is a way to highlight the sometimes forgotten artwork. Continue reading

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Traditional Art – Boleslawiec Stoneware

Now situated in modern day Poland, Bolesławiec was once part of the Prussian empire, and the centuries long tradition of painting earthenware, with traditional patterns, is very much tied to the cultural history of the town. Continue reading

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WP Photograpy Challenge Monochrome Art Project

Wedgwood and Sons, produce Wedgwood, fine china, porcelain, and luxury accessories. The company was founded on 1 May 1759, by Josiah Wedgwood. It is not my favourite thing but I do admire the artistry in its production. I used wedgwood … Continue reading

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Good Design Balance – A matter of Maths?

The Elements of Design Rhythm and Repetition. Rhythm is the repetition of design elements at regular intervals. This helps to give a composition visual harmony by creating unity in a layout.Examples include the repetition of similar shapes, colors or textures. … Continue reading

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Rangoli – What is it? (Women in Art)

Rangoli is a traditional women’s art form common in Hindu households throughout southern India. Designs are drawn directly on the ground and entranceways as part of a ritualistic religious practice. The front steps, entrance, and walkways of buildings are properly cleaned and then decorated with designs and patterns made with chalk powders. There are a remarkable variety of styles and motifs which vary according to the tribal groups and festivals. Continue reading

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Traditional Art forms – The Omnipresent Tulip

No matter where you travel, in the world, within each region you will find examples of  innovative forms of folk art. These are not completed by the skilled artisan, but rather by the common person, often with little training and … Continue reading

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Embroidery – Inpire me Monday project with mitred corner border

Embroidery is not difficult, but very satisfying, and useful decorations on clothing, bags, cushions, linens, bedspreads, and ornamental objects. You don’t need pattern packets, create your own! Continue reading

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Tutorial on painting freehand Telemark Rosemaling

Ever heard of Norwegian Rosemaling? This beautiful art form comes from Norway and has its roots in religious art forms dating back to the Renaissance. Free-flowing and dynamic, the Rosemaling from Telemark is regarded as the most beautiful. Here is a simply guide to painting your first Rosemaling project in acrylics. Continue reading

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