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Acidosis? Examining our Modern Diet

Many people think the western diet contributes to lower levels of good health. Do you eat a lot of ketchup or tomato sauce, drink a lot of fruit juice? Do you have trouble losing weight? Continue reading

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What’s for Dinner? – Salmon [Fiesta Friday]

Succumbing as my family are to the cravings they feel in the late afternoons, they drift out to the kitchen, one by one, muttering the daily question, “What’s for dinner, Mum?” [ At this point, I have to steel myself and feign deafness, [clearly unsuccessfully], as I am always asked a second time, “What’s for dinner?” Continue reading

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Everything gives you Cancer?

This information came into my inbox from Marine Essentials Vitamin products. Some of this I was aware of, and some of it, I wasn’t. There are so many forms of Cancer, and each of it a separate disease in itself, so the best thing we can do is follow a varied diet, with all things in moderation.

In the interests of sharing information, that is important to others, as is one of the aims of this blog, I am posting this information here. I am not in the business of scaremongering, yet, reading the following information does give you more “food” for thought: Continue reading

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