Dreams and Goals 2020

Goals – what would we do if we didn’t have any, at all?

Become lost in a nebulous cloud of spontaneity?

Dreams can keep us going when things are tough, but have to be reined in from being too lofty to be practical. No one said a goal has to be set in stone, did they?

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How did I do last year? Did I achieve anything from last year’s list?

2019 Goal list

  • A bad habit that I am going to break – reduce or stop overreacting to personal bad news with knee-jerk judgements.

Evaluation: Better at this. Ageing has that benefit. Handing the matter over to the Universe to sort out when it is too hard has also been benefical.

  • A new skill I would like to learn – I love languages and learning to speak a little Polish and Old German will help me in reading historical records, as well as be welcome stimulation of the linguistic neurons in my grey matter!

Evaluation: I discovered Polish is a very difficult language to learn, so I concentrated on bettering my Norwegian.

Partly Achieved! I think. Tusen takk

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  • A good deed that I am going to do – assisting the Smith family and helping to re-distribute food via Qantas volunteer program. I like to support community projects and endeavours.

Evaluation: Part A done, Part B – in progress but with another community group more relevant to my new local area.

Partly Achieved. Still more work to do.

  • A book that I would like to read – I would love to reduce some of the books currently on my TBR shelf – one that comes to mind is Anna Funder’s, ‘All that I Am.’

Evaluation: I think I read close to 20 books last year, and reduced my TBR shelf quite a bit. However, I did purchase a few more and only a few chapters of Anna Funder’s book was read. I read all the second hand books first. There are still a few there.


  • new food that I want to try I’d be willing to try anything fermented or pickled – the probiotics contained within are so good for you.

Evaluation: – Home made kefir has become a staple in my fridge.



  • A place that I would like to visit –  I would like to say something remote like the Faroe Islands, but as I am busy at home this year, there will be no long holidays, unless I count a potential, but not scheduled visit, to the Mornington peninsula, in Victoria or getting involved in research at the Genealogical Society headquarters.

Evaluation: – several short stints away despite the intense building project a the Home by the Sea and private research on the family history front.

Achieved albeit in a different way.

  • I am going to be better at beingnon-judgmental and maintaining calm ….. ohm……

Evaluation: –

Achieved, but I still have work to do. What can I say – it is a work in progress.

Bead meditation and mantras


2020 Goals

They haven’t all come from dreams and are not in any particular order. Most are quite practical – a sign of ageing, perhaps?

  • Establish myself in the new location, spreading kindness and community
  • Become involved in supporting local Koala organizations
  • Grow more vegetables
  • Progress on a book or even complete a book on conversations with Mabel Kwong
  • Create A traditional colouring Book
  • Creating a Recipe book with my family recipes for my children
  • Expand my online fabric shop
  • Read more books from my TBR
  • Create items by diminishing my fabric stash
  • Look after my physical and spiritual self
  • Improve my second language skills
  • Be calm and satisfied – unfettered by the old nonsense
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A Quiet Lifestyle

Years ago, I felt that a quiet lifestyle was a little intimidating – I like to be close to things to do and facilities. Even though I love the environment, put me on a rural property with no neighbours for miles and I would quickly go nuts!

Even though I am a quieter person, I do like the presence and interaction of others around me. My own company and no one else’s, for too long, is not healthy for me!

The Right Career

Meji Japan

Vero was discussing her goals and dreams in What you could do if you could do anything, and that has been the inspiration for this post.

I found it interesting that Vero discussed a life of simplicity, especially, in terms of employment for the simplest of jobs can bring the greatest joy.

A repetitive job can be challenging and also bring immense satisfaction, depending on one’s attitude. What you can contribute; what you can give back? Is this job serving and supporting you? When you walk out the door, can you be satisfied everything was done well, complete and ticked off.

Not every job can offer this.

A job that requires mental gymnastics and high levels of energy may be just what ambitious folk crave, striving their whole lives to reach, yet it might be this supposed pinnacle of success that triggers them to crash and burn under pressure.

Did this job satsify their hope and dreams, their ego, or social credibility?

Did they enjoy the process of each day?

Or spend hours lying awake at night?

Each of us has to find the right mix and the right match for themselves.

Finding that is what keeps us going each day.

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Sunday Sayings – Reality

Several years ago, I created ‘Proverbial Friday’ on my blog. I became fascinated with traditional proverbs, quotes and sayings, their metaphorical layers and the many different interpretations found within just a few, succinct words. I marveled at their ability to transcend race, religion, opinions and age.

Stradbroke Island

Malice leaves reality behind.
(Mexican Proverb)

Since the mind drives the body, it’s the way you think that eventually makes the dreams you dream possible or impossible. 

Your reality is simply a reflection of your thoughts and the way you routinely contemplate what you know to be true. 

Source: Marc and Angel

Dreams are what you hope for;

reality is what you plan for.

(Albanian Proverb)

We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

– Aristotle

Sayings, quotes and proverbs offer us knowledge; knowledge that is passed to us in much the same way a relay runner might pass a baton. Once it’s handed over, it is up to us what we do with it and how we pass it on.

sunday sayings

Sunday Sayings: you may strongly disagree or agree. Everyone’s opinion is important.

What do you make of the words shared today?

They are invariably Something to Ponder About




Day 6 : POSSIBLE 31 Days of Free Writes

This challenge is to write freely for five minutes without editing – on the topics listed on the landing page (link provided below) – Not as easy as you think……

Day 6  – Possible 

Anything is possible they tell you. Well frankly, anything isn’t always possible. You can not sing opera if you have never been trained nor have any musical ability.You can’t travel the world if  you don’t have money for a ticket.  Mind you the internet is giving us a fair go at redressing this imbalance.

So what do you do to achieve your dream if it can’t be done? There are many ways around a problem and the solutions, albeit not perfect, can still be found. Thinking laterally, or outside the box, is a way to find a creative alternative solution. And every solution is different.

It is hard to see that things are possible if you have a pessimistic mindset or if you are young. The young people are taught to obey adults, do what they are told, or else face punishment or at least a consequence.  In the long run, how much of these conformist actions stifle creative thoughts?

On my tombstone, perhaps they will write: Everything fairly mediocre, with occasional splashes of brilliance.

And I am cool with that.  After all, anything is possible.

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Possibly something to ponder about?