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Qi What for Fitness and Health?

Qigong is a form of exercise, relaxation and meditation connecting your mind, body and spirit. I am fortunate enough to have a group that practises close by, that is not only in the perfect beachside location, it's completely free of cost. I practise Qi gong at the beach early in the morning Benefits of Qi… Continue reading Qi What for Fitness and Health?

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Something to Smile About

If you want to find other blogs of interest and read fun, uplifting and positive things that are happening in the world, head on other to Trent's collection of Weekly Smiles. Because....... We all need good news stories at the moment. Right? This week I joined in on a free Qi Gong Exercise class on… Continue reading Something to Smile About

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Exercise – I hate it, so I found a solution.

When you live in a hot climate, exercising is hard. The will to jog or pump iron in the blistering heat of a steamy summer's day, is almost impossible to find. Adder Rock Entering my fifth decade, I discovered that if I didn’t exercise regularly and followed my ever increasing sedentary lifestyle, my body and… Continue reading Exercise – I hate it, so I found a solution.


Booted Out of Bikram

A while back I attended two classes in Bikram Yoga. This is yoga performed in a hot room. Source: You see, I love a good sauna, and I like yoga.... perfect combination? Right? WRONG! Classically trained on and off for the past 30 or so years in Iyengar/ Hatha yoga as a recreational pursuit… Continue reading Booted Out of Bikram


Be a Warrior Every Morning – Fight the Aging Process

I find getting older, our bodies begin to show signs of wear and tear. One way to combat the ageing process is to maintain a regular stretching regime. Our bodies love to stretch and it is the best and most natural activity to do when we first get up in the mornings.


Smart phones – as dangerous as Poker/slot machines? Slow Tech by Joe Kraus The effects of Smart phone technology on our future lives. "The ability of our brains to pay attention to anything will be lost" The more we multi-task, the worse we get at it! Average of text messages sent by teenage girls a month: 4000 Changes to our brain. The… Continue reading Smart phones – as dangerous as Poker/slot machines?