Five Minutes of Summer – Free Writing Day 24 Silence

This challenge encourages to write freely for five minutes on a given topic, each day for the months of October, without major re-writing or corrections. I have at times, corrected spelling errors at times, because the proof reading control freak in me will not let the WordPress editing fairies down….but otherwise, free Writing it is….

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2.52 pm

Silence – it can be deafening and sometimes, can roar like a 747 on landing. Silence can scar!

In that awkward moment when you slowly realize you have said something terribly wrong in front of a group, and the faces of your acquaintances, would-be friends or work colleagues respond with either incredulous gapes or curious, hard to interpret, facial expressions, and a multitude of body contortions that are quickly followed by convulsive sobs of silent laughter. – That is Silence!

In that split second, the brain has reacted, sending powerful impulses to the hormones and nerves. Blood rushes to the cheeks, nausea creeps up the throat and the thought processes descend into a spiralling whorl, that fills the mind with impulsive death wishes that typically involve some kind of underworld chasm opening up, (in what was moments ago, a solid floor), into which you would slip, leading ever downward to a murky, subterranean land of ‘faux pas’  never to immerse unmarked again……..


Silence – Day 24 FMFW


31 Days of Five Minute Free Writing – Day 10 ‘Ready’

The 31 day challenge is to writing for five minutes ( or thereabouts) on a given topic, each day. The topic for Day 10 is “Ready”

8.20 am


“Are you ready yet?” My other half calls, anxious to get going on our weekly shopping expedition. But I am tapping away on the keyboard writing yet another blog post. “Won’t be long,” I distractedly shout back down the hall.

But time has slowed and I am engrossed in getting my opinions down amid the jumble of words that spin about in my head. And I do dislike shopping for groceries, it is such a mind – numbingly boring task that my other half likes to repeat each week. As if it is the modern day equivalent of some religious ritual. Each week, I have to grit my teeth to prep myself for the grocery ritual, by first visiting a delightful cafe run by a Venetian man with a deep baritone voice, named Aladdino, who makes THE very best Italian hot chocolate! Some consolation for the battle ahead. And it is like a battlefield: the stainless steel shopping trolleys our ‘cavalry steeds’ and the supermarket aisles, a place where a cavalry style charge occurs a little too frequently, particularly during those red light specials! Each week shoppers try to emulate the reality show TV cooks in a vain attempt to keep their tastebuds on their toes, (or should that be tips?), whilst balancing the budget. Prices continue to spiral upwards, forcing us to buy generically branded cheaper and “crappier” items from dubious manufacturers. Convenience/ready-made meals means it may soon only be the elderly members of the community that remember what a virgin vegetable actually looks like prior to peeling, slicing and dicing and wrapped in plastic bags lined with preservatives! But we all have to eat, or face a riot on the home front, particularly from the adolescent members!

“How much longer are you going to be? ” The disembodied voice filtering down the hallway suddenly drags me back to suburban reality. It has happened again:  I have become engrossed in another blog post and am still not ready.

Ready or Not: Something to Ponder About