jacaranda tree in bloom
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Photo Challenge – Remastered

The phoneography challenge is the brainchild of Sally at Lens and Pens and each week has a different theme and tip for improving your phoneography. You can see my second photo is not so good here, as I changed the angle of the light. The angle of the light was better in the first photograph.


Phoneography Challenge – Challenger’s Choice (Abstraction – Poinciana)

Challengers Choice - Lens and Pens Phoneography Challenge - check out more here

The pastels I used in this effect, deliberately distracted me from the familiar, bright orange of the Poinciana in full bloom.Rather my head was filled with other associations when viewing this photograph. The delicate blue made me visualise a mirrors with heavy scalloped edging reminescent of 1940/50's decor!

How about you?

I would be interested in hearing if the image prompted different feelings for you?


Travel theme – Spring

Where's My Backpack has a travel themed photographic challenge - titled "Spring" - but at home it is still summer, and heading (hopefully) towards the cooler autumnal soon! My photo comes from Sandane, Norway, last Spring. I hear Norwegians and other Scandinavians often complaining all winter how  Spring feels so far away. The light on… Continue reading Travel theme – Spring


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – The Colour Purple

Cee's the colour Purple challenge Purple can be a magical colour in nature, so  much so that it almost looks ethereal in its different shades and tints. Some would call it lilac, or that dreaded word.... mauve..... I am not fond of that word. I am not a pastel person. Mauve reminds me of bland… Continue reading Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – The Colour Purple

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Travel theme – Gardens

This challenge was made for me!!   Gardens in Tasmania   Australia     Singapore and New Zealand Some more gardens, in this theme at Ailsa's Where's My Backpack Related: http://tvortravels.wordpress.com/2014/03/16/travel-theme-gardens/ Something to Ponder about

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Daily Post is looking for interpretations of "Inside"  -  I found this in 2 different photographs: Art created by Man: "Unnatural" The reindeer is encased INSIDE glass balls, an art installation at GOMA and   "Natural" A delicate yellow stamen in the indigo flower that is called Canterbury Bell. I marvel at nature's colour palette. More… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

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Meeting Blogger friends Overseas

One of the best things about blogging is that one's friendship group is not limited by geographical boundaries and living in the isolated 'bottom end' of the world and I love that. My blogger community has members from many countries across the world and thus, I can expand my perspective, hear different viewpoints, see and… Continue reading Meeting Blogger friends Overseas

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Phoneography Challenge, Your Phone as Your Lens: Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary (and Nature’s Abundance)

Appropriate photo for the title that Sally used for this week's phone photography challenge.  You can see more fantastic photos from smartphones here: http://lensandpensbysally.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/phoneography-challenge-your-phone-as-your-lens-celebrating-the-one-year-anniversary-and-natures-abundance/ http://firebonnet.com/ Why not join in? Each week has a different theme. Below is a reminder of the monthly schedule with themes for upcoming Phoneography Challenges: 1st Monday: Nature 2nd Monday: Macro 3rd Monday:… Continue reading Phoneography Challenge, Your Phone as Your Lens: Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary (and Nature’s Abundance)

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Floral Friday Challenge (when it is saturday!)

Floral Friday An excuse to post some of my favourite floral pics is not needed: Gazing at photos of some of my favourite flowers, is the next best thing to seeing them for real. Something for the eyes to feast on and the mind to ponder about today. See more at floralfridayfoto.blogspot.com woollymuses.wordpress.com ceenphotography.com


Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Some of my favourite photographs of flowers are those with intense bold colours, as the photo is saturated with colour. A few of my favourites. The Daily post's WordPress Challenge provided a perfect excuse to post them.