dog on computer

Friendly Friday- Funny Furry Friends

As much as we have all seen photos of pet photos on the web, quirky or funny cat/dog videos never fail to get a laugh from their audience.

Clever Schnauzer

I know Schnauzers are clever, food-obsessed creatures, but did you know that, too? I am sure Peggy from Where to Next? and Alejandro from Chief Writing Wolf do.

Tiffany was my beloved Standard Schnauzer. A rescue dog who was truly the most wonderful companion. I mean just look at those eyes!

Schnauzer licking lips

I have loads of Schnauzer photos. I rarely show anyone. 😉

dog on computer
Our mini Schnauzer hard core hacking the laptop.

This is my contribution to Sandy’s Friendly Friday Challenge – Funny Furry Friends.

Are you joining in, too? Instructions here

Friendly Friday

I will be back with another Friendly Friday Challenge next week.