Why You Shouldn’t Believe in Halloween

Following on from my recent Ghost Story, I didn't grow up with the Halloween tradition and as such, I don't feel the intense need to place a 'ZOMBIE CROSSING,' sign and plaster it in my front garden on October 31 each year. Nor do I relish having an imprint of a hand on my door/window/car… Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Believe in Halloween

Fat Margaret Tower, Talliin

Haunted House in Talliin

As the Schnauzer begins barking at the Trick and Treaters brave enough to go out in the storm, I am reminded of another creepy tail and wonder about the activities that might occur at a location on the other side of the world. The Devil's Window (Rataskaevu 16) There is a house at No. 16… Continue reading Haunted House in Talliin


Haunted Houses and Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, the topic of whether spirits are real or imagined is often the subject of conversations, particularly among younger people. This church has been there for 900 years but no one knows why this image was painted there Children are noted for seeing apparitions, perhaps because of their fertile imagination,… Continue reading Haunted Houses and Halloween