Book review

Headhunters – Jo Nesbø

Headhunters by Jo Nesbø The Movie   My previous review of this book/movie is reproduced below. I will also discuss the movie though it is not so new anymore. Headhunters - the MOVIE The movie has kept true to the book, although frustratingly two scenes that I felt were important and hilarious were left out.… Continue reading Headhunters – Jo Nesbø


Book review

Jo Nesbø – The Devil’s star

BOOK REVIEW: The Devil's star  by the Wonderful JO NESBO - Harry HOLE ( hoola) series There is a serial killer on the loose in Oslo, but the murders are not sexually motivated. Harry Hole is the only detective with serial killer expertise in the Norwegian police force,  having brought down a killer in Sydney,in… Continue reading Jo Nesbø – The Devil’s star