A Moral Dilemma

Moth: "I gave you my life." Flame: "I allowed you to kiss me.” ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan There is always going to be suffering. It’s how you look at your suffering, how you deal with it, that will define you.~ Mark Twain We might sit in the privileged sector of the world looking aghast at… Continue reading A Moral Dilemma


Proverbial Friday – Global Wisdom

Each week I find a thought provoking quote, saying or proverb that makes us think deeply about a particular subject matter. Join me in a hearty discussion. I love comments!


Proverbial Friday – Global Wisdoms

Pertinent quote and proverbs are a way of generations past to speak to us and hand down their knowledge and infinite wisdom and experience. Each Friday, I host a discussion on a quote, saying or proverb from around the world, that I find thought provoking. Join in.


Proverbial Thursday – Global Wisdom

Wise words from our ancestors, passed down from generation to generation. Best savoured a little a time. They may sound trite, the authors are anonymous, and wisdom is surely found within their concise words.

History & Traditions, Traditional Art

Traditional Art forms – The Omnipresent Tulip

No matter where you travel, in the world, within each region you will find examples of  innovative forms of folk art. These are not completed by the skilled artisan, but rather by the common person, often with little training and few tools, simply decorating their homes and surrounds. Historically, an itinerant artist might travel from… Continue reading Traditional Art forms – The Omnipresent Tulip