Hate Speech and Social Media Comments

Lately, you and I have been chatting about comments on blog posts and I realized I have been duped. Duped into thinking that readers are mostly good-hearted folks whose comments add something to the conversation. Blog comments at StPA range from kind messages of thanks, or information, to good-natured friendly banter and jibes, (yes, M-R,… Continue reading Hate Speech and Social Media Comments


What’s in a Name? Choosing a Pen Name

In the retired, predictable world that is Forestwood by the Sea, serious changes are afoot. I've been lucky enough to score a part-time job writing for a lifestyle magazine. Yay for me. However, after the initial excitement settled, the ramifications of taking on this role had me worried. Journalists cop a bit of flack in… Continue reading What’s in a Name? Choosing a Pen Name


A Double Tragedy hits the British People

I was saddened to read of the tragic death of Prince Harry. The young Prince and Father killed in a horse-riding accident in the early hours of this morning. Only hours after the news of the Prince's death broke, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, choked on a cucumber sandwich and couldn't be revived when… Continue reading A Double Tragedy hits the British People

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Google will Help You

In the almost forgotten days B.C. meaning, "Before Covid," we might search for holiday accommodation, or sightseeing spots using Google. Sometimes Google suggests places we didn't even know we wanted to go, based on our search history and we don't have to ask. Whilst away on vacations, we might need to know a good place… Continue reading Google will Help You