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An Unusual Request

My daughter wants me to write her a letter. Not just an ordinary letter.

She wants me to write a, ‘death’ letter.

Yes, a ‘death’ letter. I assure you this is not a Halloween gimmick. My dear daughter has requested that I write a letter specifically addressed to her that she might read, after we pass away and are long gone. She explains that it will be a comfort to her in her grief.

Do you think it sounds pretty morbid?
It is Halloween, so perhaps death, morbid thoughts, and hauntings, (in the spirit of fun), are in people’s minds. Is it appropriate to think a little more about deathly topics at Halloween?

So now, I face a dilemma re the content of said letter.
What would/should I put into a ‘death’ letter?

  • Heartfelt platitudes?
  • Advice on dealing with tough challenges?
  • Lifestyle tips and tricks?
  • Encouragement that she no longer needs us?
  • Practical suggestions?
  • Things I lamented and how I dealt with them?
  • Unfinished business?

What would you put in a ‘death’ letter?

Have you heard of such a thing?

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