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Friendly Friday Blog Challenge – Close ups and Macros

How are your skills in close-ups or macro photography? Need some practice? The Challenge for the next two weeks is to make a post about close-ups or macros. It is not just about photography, so please note we welcome stories and writing based on the prompt, as well. Perhaps you have had a close-encounter and… Continue reading Friendly Friday Blog Challenge – Close ups and Macros


Friendly Friday Challenge – Close Examination

Explore the finer details of your photos through Close Examination. Use Macro Mode, Zoom in, (a little), or crop afterwards to take macro and close-up photographs. They are not called Schnauzers for nothing. 'Schnauze' means muzzle in German. This photo was a little too close for comfort. Waited for a while to capture this one… Continue reading Friendly Friday Challenge – Close Examination


Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro – Fern frond

Glistening in the gentle, sunshine of Spring

Delicate, fresh, primordial moment frozen in time.

Macro challenge gives one a chance to delve deeper and examine nature's complicated evolution on another scale to that which our eye can see


Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro

With the ubiquitous phone cameras accumulating an over-abundance of photos, joining in with the Phoneography challenge, over at lensandpensbysally , is almost a given. Here is my macro submission! Cropped but no other filter applied. Taken with my new Galaxy S4 note and the original for comparison, (and cuteness) : Macro photography - revealing in… Continue reading Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro

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Phoneography Challenge – Macro

Lens and Pens Phoneography challenge is ALWAYS fun.  Your phone is a great photographic friend... most of the time, and if it is not: there is always the delete  or enhancement button on the various camera apps to improve things and change things around. No time for playing around with edits this week: time is… Continue reading Phoneography Challenge – Macro