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Photo101 – Connect

How best to portray the word Connect in images?


The residents of Christiania, in Denmark, connect, ‘because they all shall go the same way’; they want to live outside the system and follow the same path.

IMG_0107 (Small)Some other ways to Connect, is via the rather old fashioned way of post!

IMG_0106 (Small) Blogging is a way of connecting too…. I met Scrapydotwo when I visited New Zealand, we connected and felt a special kinship.

The heart is a fun photographic technique where we slowed the shutter speed of the SLR camera right down to almost connect a heart.

rocketmailboxA rather unusual way to Connect through the mail!

Photo 101 is pondering connections today

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Amazing Mailboxes around the world

Madoqua of “Have you ever” blog started a challenge to find unusual mailboxes from around the world, as the need for mailboxes seems to be fading fast. A number of people have found some quite amazing samples and posted them on Madoqua’s blog.

Scrapydo posted some on her blog and led me to discover this challenge, so I thought I would find contribute too. Click here to see the original post that started it all.

In my neighbourhood, there is one that is like a Norwegian ‘hytte’ (or cabin in the mountains) It even has a turf roof. The fence, however, jolts you back into suburban Australia…..


and one in Denmark:


The following photo was posted by a friend on facebook:



A unique kind of decoration. Something to ponder about.

Amazing mailbox contributions: