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The Oceans are Dying – seriously.

I have previously blogged or reblogged how our oceans are drowning from plastic, but the threat does not end there. Effluents funnelled into the oceans, intentionally, or unintentionally, means that algal will flourish and fish will soon cease to exist, as will all the predators in the oceans. Why? The resultant growth of various kinds of algae means that the oceans are reduced to a hypoxic or anoxic waste pool, in which the only species to thrive will be Jellyfish! Jellyfish once ruled the oceans ( for 2 billions years, apparently) and will do so again. Dr Gershwin has just released a book detailing the rise of jellyfish in response to the decline of most other species. She even named a new species of jellyfish, found off the coast of Australia, 'Bazinga' after Sheldon from the popular TV show, "The Big Bang Theory", because it was such a surprise to find a species that is thriving given the the current state of the oceans.