Smiling is an Art that Comes from the Heart

"Smiling is an Art that comes from the heart and should be practised all the time," so said my first Yoga teacher at the end of every class. Smiling is something that is vital and costs nothing to share with others. It is a beautiful message to those with whom you interact. Blogger Marlene inspires… Continue reading Smiling is an Art that Comes from the Heart

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How to Respectfully Say No to Senior Colleagues Requests to Work Longer

It is lovely that we can help others, as long as it doesn't disadvantage ourselves to our detriment. Conversely, it is good to remember to help ourselves as long as doing so does not disadvantage others. With many economies struggling, workers are asked to do more and more tasks in a normal working day. Many… Continue reading How to Respectfully Say No to Senior Colleagues Requests to Work Longer

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Moksha Asks for Mental Health Day

For World Mental Heath Day last week, Moksha asked: * The country I live in? - Australia, Down Under, Aussie, Oz. * An incident that taught you the importance of taking care of your mental health Recognising that a victim of abuse, or domestic violence, be that of any gender, may be at risk of… Continue reading Moksha Asks for Mental Health Day

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Turning Points – Final Friendly Friday Challenge

I have reached a turning point at Something to Ponder About. This will be the final Friendly Friday Photo/Blog Challenge Prompt. As such, it's a salient time to reflect on our 'sliding door' aka turning points in life You know those moments that define decisions to act one way or another, to create new habits,… Continue reading Turning Points – Final Friendly Friday Challenge

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Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Fleur Lind Write a fiction story in 100 words or less based on the photo prompt. Trigger warning- this short story is dark. Explaining Why Bad day? Rindango asked, his open palm offering another refill. I nod, saying nothing. How could I explain, without opening the floodgates? Suppressing the steel ball of… Continue reading Friday Fictioneers

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Defining Happiness

Oscar Wilde said, With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy? George Burns, on the other hand, thought that happiness was ~having a large, caring, close-knit family in another city." Samuel Taylor Coleridge didn't expect much - he theorized that happiness in life was made up of the little charities, a… Continue reading Defining Happiness