Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – Week 33

dog  beachTiffany Schnauzer thought  it was a beautiful day on the beach today.

She wasn’t the only one.

The Green Ant probably thought all his Christmases had come at once, that is until he discovered the sole of my sandal.

Something to Ponder About.



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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Pets. Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


I am unashamedly prejudiced! Prejudiced in the sense that I think Schnauzers are the best dogs! Cee’s fun Black and White pet challenge enabled me to explore post processing a photo which had plenty of texture. I chose this one as it shows plenty of the personality of these two dogs as well. They are stunning examples of the breed. The second photo is just one that makes me happy looking at it.  Something happy to ponder about.


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Find Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge Week 15 here.

Thanks for the challenge, Cee!



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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Michelle’s weekly pet challenge week 10 is open.  If you’d like to take part, here is how:
Just simply do a post of your pets, or pets of your friends or family.  You can also post pictures and stories of animals that come and eat food you leave out for them. Eg, you may have a bird feeder in your garden. Pictures taken in the wild are also very welcome. Link back here and head your post as “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.”  Display the logo on your post or on your sidebar.
Most importantly, have fun!

Not my pet this week!! But something from my travels in Switzerland.

Geese at Lake LucerneGeese at Lake Lucerne




















Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

Standard Schnauzers

Michelle Weekly Pet Challenge, is a great way to post your favourite animal pics. Interested? Find out more here

Two of these dogs are pets who have been surrendered to the dog rescue, unhappy, anorexic and stressed but that was some time ago. Can you pick which ones they might be?

Something to Ponder About


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 1

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 1

Happy Hugger has a new challenge. All you need to do is to create a post with pictures of your pets and link back here. You can post pictures of your pets or even your friends and families pets, or you can post pictures of animals that you have photographed such as wild life pictures. Birds in your garden, anything to do with animals will be perfect.


_DSC0113 (2)

I have started Michelle’s challenge with my pet Schnauzer, Tiffany. She thinks she is human, and is a wonderful pet, that came to us from a Pet Rescue service, having been stressed, anorexic, and a declared barking nuisance, she has now blossomed into the most wonderful dog. A Swedish exchange student took the second photo with her dressed up for a school project, ironically to show how pets can be demeaned through wearing human clothes. Tiffany didn’t seem to mind being the photo subject.
Should pets be dressed up? Something to ponder about in the pet community.